WBA super welterweight champion Miguel Cotto (L) and two-division world champion Ricardo Mayorga (R) share a laugh during a promotional photo shoot in New York City Tuesday. Cotto and Mayorga are in town for a press conference Wednesday at B.B.King's Blues Club in Times Square to announce their upcoming world title fight on Saturday, March 12, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada and televised on SHOWTIME Pay Per View.  Cotto vs. Mayorga will be promoted by Top Rank, in association with Cotto Promotions, Don King Productions, Tecate and MGM Grand. photo by Chris Farina/Top Rank

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-Radam G :

I wonder what Yahoo boxing scribe Kevin I is calling this dance between Cotto and Mayorga? The I man called the upcoming bout between THC PacMan and the Sugarman Mosley "gabbage," because Sugar Shane has not won two of his last three bouts in two years. Well, Mayorga has lost four of his last eight bouts going back to 2003 -- in eight years ago -- and have been knocked out three times. So how does that suckas get a shot at Miguel Cotto, and Kevin I says null? HATRED! Plain and simple! Da Manny has crushed stereotype after stereotype and the I man cannot handle it. But that is okay. It's all luv. Ev'ybodee and dey momma know that Kevin Iole is a Money May "fanboy." Enough of that. Go to YOUTUBE and hit up
"Sugar Ray Robinson & Floyd Mayweather what you never know."
It is straight scary how that Money May's behavior and shenanigans are ironic offshoots of the great Sugar Ray Robinson. If you are a SRR nuthugger, don't watch the video. I don't want to be carrier of bad news of hardcore reality. The Sugarman was a D__ , a womanbeater with a bad temper and hateful and rude to small-money working people. WHAT has Money May done, LATELY? Get on his SRR clone on the outside that squared jungle! Holla!

-Isaiah :

Miguel Cotto is STILL an elite fighter and he proved it at junior middleweight by taking out top 10 Yuri Foreman with a great gameplan and lifting that alphabet title off the man. I agree that there's no way that "punching bag to the boxing stars" (such as Cory Spinks, Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley) Ricardo Mayorga has earned a shot at still good Cotto, (Yeah, that's right Mayweather fans. Cotto was still a BIG threat when Pacquiao fought him, deal with it and NOT pour on the excuses.) but being that Cotto has been a beast his whole career who rarely goes for a soft touch, I'll give him this. I expect Cotto's next fight, if he wins this one.... better be against a top threat though. The only thing I have a problem with is the public crucifying Manny Pacquiao for taking on Mosley. Really? Berto obviously doesn't want none being his choice of opponents and Juan Manuel Marquez at welterweight? Please! No, now that I look at it with a clear head, how much can I complain about the Mosley fight really? It beats Floyd's vacation. By the way, us old school boxing fans give Sugar Ray Robinson a pass a lot more on his out of the ring life, is for his humbleness and what he did INSIDE the ring, which is of course be THE all time great warrior that he is. Don't get me wrong though. Beating on women is NOT cool, but inside the ring, Robinson was the man hands down! End of story. Floyd can't carry his jockstrap!

-Radam G :

WiliLEAKS!!!! This is why ole Ricky Riccardo -- I mean Mayorga -- is not gettin' on his WHHHHHYYYYYYY LUCCCCCYYY? Obviously the grand supporter and money man of terrorism on his own people is presently on the DL -- Down Low -- and trying not to attract unnecessary attention to himself. I'm certain that he needs a good pay to keep cool and rape whomever he chooses to in his homeland of Nicaragua. [I see that this post is going to the wrong Thread.] Holla!