Chevelle “Fists of Steel” Hallback (28-6, 11KO) is looking for a good fight, and there is one she  has wanted for a long time. “I've fought the best female fighters there are. Lucia Rijker. Belinda Laracuente. Melissa Hernandez. Holly Holm. But the fight I've always wanted is Christy Martin. Now I 'm going about making it happen and hopefully soon. Years ago when Christy was with  Don King, he wouldn't make the match, so now I am going to see if Bob Arum and Top Rank will,” Chevelle said.

Christy Martin, (49-5, 31 KO) returns to the ring March 12 in a rematch against Dakota Stone in Las Vegas on the Miguel Cotto/Rocardo Mayorga card promoted by Top Rank. It is also her first bout since defeating Dakota 18 months ago and surviving a violent attack by her husband Jim Martin in November. “As soon as Christy gets through the fight with Dakota Stone, I'm ready to fight her,” Chevelle said. ” I said I will fight anyone from 135-147, and Christy fits the bill.”

Bill Calogero, Chevelle's advisor, echoes the challenge. ” Chevelle Hallback is a TOP pound for pound fighter. Her record speaks for  itself. No one wants to fight her- NO ONE” he said. “I respect Christy Martin,” He continued. “You know she was and always will be tough. Just look at what she's endured over the past couple of months. But I don't know….she used to be a very exciting fighter, and I would never take anything away from her but she's just like all the rest- there's no way she or her team would fight Chevy because they know they would not win. Christy Martin is a come at you brawler and has one thing on her mind- KNOCK OUT! Chevelle Hallback is an all around quality fighter. She can box, she can bang AND she can move. Boxing in general needs this fight, and all I can say is we would love to make the fight and if Christy thinks she still has it, give me a call.

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