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Oscar De La Hoya has proven himself to be a pretty potent Twitter Hitter of late. The Golden Boy is one to follow, because he’ll let loose some reasonably spicy stuff, mixed in with dieting advice (cut the carbs!) and observations on football, his missus, and other random musings. This weekend, he told his followers that he likes Mayweather over Pacman if and when they ever glove up.

“There is no doubt in my mind Mayweather beats Paquiao,” he wrote. “Styles make fights.”

Now, one might expect Oscar to lean towards Money, being that Mayweather has of late been working with Golden Boy for his promotions, while he heads his own flagship promotional entity. But seeing as how ODLH did tangle with Mayweather  and Pacman, we’d be fools to totally dismiss his scouting report because of his perceived biases. Oscar gave Mayweather a good go of it, and lost a SD12 when they battled in May 2007. He had less success against Pacquiao; Pacman whacked him around the ring and Oscar’s corner pulled the plug after eight rounds in their December 2008 scrap, his last to date, and maybe forever.

So, Oscar the social media maven, was asked, why do you think Floyd has the edge?

“It's called style,” he said. “Mayweather will be patient to wait for Manny to make the mistakes. You see Manny is fast but Mayweather’s timing is key.

“I respect Manny and he is great for our sport but Mayweathers’ style will beat anyone if you don't have a stiff hard fast jab.”

Oscar did throw an unexpected combo when he went out of his way to call Pacquiao the top pound for pounder today. “Pacman is the man and he does deserve to be the best fighter on the planet today,” De La Hoya said.

However, all that talk is immaterial if the two best fighters in the game don’t drop the BS, the excuses, the conditions, the lengthy hiatuses, and sign on to see who’s the top dog. De La Hoya said he shares the fans’ dismay that this bout hasn’t been made. “Believe me I'm also frustrated because I feel with Golden Boy promoting it each fighter can make huge money and it will be great fight,” he said. “I believe they both want to fight each other I feel that right now Pac is being squeezed and people are making money off him but once there are no more heavy bags there will be no choice but to make the fight happen. It's a shame because Manny wants it and Floyd wants it. That’s my inside opinion.”

 Whoa whoa whoa hold the line. That “heavy bags” reference…that may be open to interpretation, but was he not making reference to foes of Pacquiao’s other than Mayweather? And who is the next guy slated to fight Pacman? You guessed it, ex Golden Boy partner Shane Mosley. TSS Universe, did I read that wrong, or did Oscar dismiss Shane as a “heavy bag?” If I read that correctly, did Mosley miss that, or did he see it, and is just taking the high road?

Golly, you gotta love this Twitter. Gatekeepers are rendered null, which I love, because many gatekeepers (most gatekeepers?) are frustrated folks who get off on the power to say no, to keep you away from their guy. Less gatekeepers means more people  speaking (texting) from the gut, and that’s a good thing.

Feel free to follow Oscar at @OscarDeLaHoya, and for that matter, me, at @Woodsy1069.

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