Oscar De La Hoya has proven himself to be a pretty potent Twitter Hitter of late. The Golden Boy is one to follow, because he’ll let loose some reasonably spicy stuff, mixed in with dieting advice (cut the carbs!) and observations on football, his missus, and other random musings. This weekend, he told his followers that he likes Mayweather over Pacman if and when they ever glove up.

“There is no doubt in my mind Mayweather beats Paquiao,” he wrote. “Styles make fights.”

Now, one might expect Oscar to lean towards Money, being that Mayweather has of late been working with Golden Boy for his promotions, while he heads his own flagship promotional entity. But seeing as how ODLH did tangle with Mayweather  and Pacman, we’d be fools to totally dismiss his scouting report because of his perceived biases. Oscar gave Mayweather a good go of it, and lost a SD12 when they battled in May 2007. He had less success against Pacquiao; Pacman whacked him around the ring and Oscar’s corner pulled the plug after eight rounds in their December 2008 scrap, his last to date, and maybe forever.

So, Oscar the social media maven, was asked, why do you think Floyd has the edge?

“It's called style,” he said. “Mayweather will be patient to wait for Manny to make the mistakes. You see Manny is fast but Mayweather’s timing is key.

“I respect Manny and he is great for our sport but Mayweathers’ style will beat anyone if you don't have a stiff hard fast jab.”

Oscar did throw an unexpected combo when he went out of his way to call Pacquiao the top pound for pounder today. “Pacman is the man and he does deserve to be the best fighter on the planet today,” De La Hoya said.

However, all that talk is immaterial if the two best fighters in the game don’t drop the BS, the excuses, the conditions, the lengthy hiatuses, and sign on to see who’s the top dog. De La Hoya said he shares the fans’ dismay that this bout hasn’t been made. “Believe me I'm also frustrated because I feel with Golden Boy promoting it each fighter can make huge money and it will be great fight,” he said. “I believe they both want to fight each other I feel that right now Pac is being squeezed and people are making money off him but once there are no more heavy bags there will be no choice but to make the fight happen. It's a shame because Manny wants it and Floyd wants it. That’s my inside opinion.”

 Whoa whoa whoa hold the line. That “heavy bags” reference…that may be open to interpretation, but was he not making reference to foes of Pacquiao’s other than Mayweather? And who is the next guy slated to fight Pacman? You guessed it, ex Golden Boy partner Shane Mosley. TSS Universe, did I read that wrong, or did Oscar dismiss Shane as a “heavy bag?” If I read that correctly, did Mosley miss that, or did he see it, and is just taking the high road?

Golly, you gotta love this Twitter. Gatekeepers are rendered null, which I love, because many gatekeepers (most gatekeepers?) are frustrated folks who get off on the power to say no, to keep you away from their guy. Less gatekeepers means more people  speaking (texting) from the gut, and that’s a good thing.

Feel free to follow Oscar at @OscarDeLaHoya, and for that matter, me, at @Woodsy1069.

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-brownsugar :

after Oscar unwisely emaciated himself by going down to 145lbs and underestimating the physical ability of Pacman, getting beaten to a pulp in the process, it's only natural for him to have some carefully dispensed venom in his comments. Especially with Mosley breaking camp who could expect Oscar to say anything positive about the upcoming fight? Besides, he's only saying what half the jounalists in the business are already saying. But his comments about Mayweather beating Pacman can't be taken seriously when nobody truly know's if Floyd will ever fight again... and if he does,.. how much of his former ability will he retain?? Nobody can sit on the sidelines for long stretches and expect to be as good as they were in their glory days. (remember Leonard vs Norris?) It's time to let Mayweather speak for himself. while I still remain a fan of the slick defensive genius, I have to put into perspective that every day he doesn't fight is another day that his skills will inevitably decline. Is Mosley a bum?? If he is then who else can take his place?? Marquez , who is too light? or Berto?, also a good fighter, but is he really up to the challenge? Berto's team is in talks with Victor Ortiz camp instead,....a fight that HBO is only williing to pay minimum wage for. If Berto would fight and defeat the likes of a Mike Jones or Kermit Cintron he could propel himself into the imagination of Bob Arum who would no doubt be very vocal about making a potential Pac vs Berto event happen(if he could get over his dislike of Al Hamon). But for now Berto is only challenging junior welterweights. Pac pretty much stands alone as number one atop of the welterweight heap with Mosley(on paper) a distant 2nd.

-#1 PacFan :

Hello TSS! The only reasons why Oscar is leaning towards Floyd over Manny is because Manny defeated.him more in a dominating fashion. Floyd is under his promotion and if Floyd defeats Manny his loss to Pac would look more like of a weight issue. He is right about calling Mosley a "Heavy Bag" but a moving one. Mosley is a stiff fighter who has not been stopped for quite a while and that was against a man who was naturally bigger.

-Radam G :

Wow! Okay!!! Maybe Sugar Shane Mosley is going to be a heavy bag to da Manny. Well, he be an up on Big Money O. Da Manny turned his arse into a busted up light bag. And knocked out all the air in that joker on the first tag. BMO is resentful of the beatdown that da Manny gave him. Nonetheless, "styles make fights" is a cope out for BMO. He wants Money May to win so badly that he cannot handle the truth. Timing doesn't stop a mutha from being hit umpteen times with lightningbolt punches. Money May has a lot of Benjamins but he is no Benjamin Franklin with a key tied on the string of a kite. Every shockwave of da Manny's lightningbolt punches, Money May will have to bite. No key is going to catch the electricity of those rapid lightningbolt shots that Pac-punches will be electrocuting Money May with. Money May's "shoulder rolling," two-step strolling and head-drop-south folding won't stand a chance against da Manny's six-and-seven-lightningbolt punch combinations. BMO should also come out of extreme self-denial. Thirty-something years old ended BMO's dominance. Thirty-four years old is a death sentence for a Mayweather. Against Sugar Shane, Money May's legs were like spaghetti. Dat sucka was so unsteady. That is why against the Sugarman, Money May came straight ahead. Do this against THC PacMan and da money-luving, boasting sucka will be dead. Everything must change. Nothing remains the same. It is a new MAN at the top of the P4P game. And from the Philippine Island, he came. Get use to it. And cut out the bullsh**! Ev'ybodee and dey momma knows what time it is. Money May has lost a lot of steps, and by the human typhoon out of the Philippine Islands he will be easily swept. And his fanboys, fans, fanfaronades, family, felony-commiting friends, faders, fakers, uncles and father will know that away from da Manny, Lil' Floyda coulda, woulda, shoulda Kept. Holla!

-nashingun :

who in the world thinks floyd can hurt manny? if dela hoya himself failed to hit the small guy from asia yet he almost beat floyd jr, how can he say manny doesnt have the style to finish floyd jr? jabs and shoulder rolls work for an orthodox boxer but if you talk about southpaws floyds style is useless. if zab judah manage to land a stinging punch to the jaw of floyd jr, how much more a someone like pacquiao who throws more than one punch but a dozen fast combinations in lightning speed from different angles with power in every throw moving side to side and with stamina of a monster how can you say floyd would beat this guy? chances are, you're wrong! manny pacquiao always move forward and throws punches to open his opponents defenses like of clottey, but if floyd only uses his shoulder roll, where could he hide his face from a looping left hand in lightspeed right after a right hand slams to his shoulder? imagine how floyd could manage a pacquiao storm? if floyd can jab and move around, how do you think pac can handle jabs? both can move around but pac moves faster side to side and throws punches were you dont expect it and he throws it in different angles with speed and accuracy. floyd for a fact dont have those power in his punches. he cant manage to hurt mosley or beat the old man's face bloodied to compare to pac's destruction of cotto, dela hoya and margaritos grand rapid faces, will floyd be able to down pacman? get real, floyd dont have the edge to make that happen. he may run and win rounds but surely he will suffer long enough to experience his first ever KO.

-Joe :

The Golden Boy is probably upset Sugar cut him out of the deal (for that entire 1% stake) and whupped him twice. They'll make up when the dollars make sense.

-nashingun :

dela hoya is a sour loser... speaking of floyd jr vs pacquiao, i dont think oscar is talking intelligently. he is purely grudging his loss from all this multi million dollars arum is raking out from pacquiao fights.

-FighterforJC :

DLH certainly has a grudge against Pacquiao for many reasons, the biggest of which is the fact that Pacquiao didn't take a dive against him. Oscar came in OVER the welterweight limit against Pacquiao, had the scales messed with, which is why Freddie Roach commented that Pacquiao weighed about 3 to 4 pounds HEAVIER according to the scale in the hotel room minutes before the official weigh in. In reality, DLH came in at around 148-149.

-Radam G :

Arthritis has creep up on Money May. He can no longer dash around da squared jungle or move with flash. [He ain't a Tarzan or a gorilla, and you will not see him in another thrilla.] He is now slow striding and plodding. And those long steps will have him off balance against da Manny. [Once again, all saw how da Big Money man turned into small change against da Sugarman.] Besides, if Money May could have ever beaten da Manny with timing, forget about it now. Shakey, arthritic knees, ankles and big toes destroy timing and step strolling and head-drop south folding. Arthritic hands and fingers decrease pop and power. Arthritic shoulders and a stiff neck fudge up the shoulder roll. Face it, PEOPLE and Flofans! Money May's many delays have been for a purpose. His body has quickly taken a toll. His mind told him that youth was forever, but his body has told him that he has to be more clever. So da sucka, Team May and Family May are using psy-ops and stay-cation. When it comes to riding with da Manny, they are just talkin' about it, but they are not gonna be 'bout, 'bout! Unless THC PacMan shows a sign of slippin' and slidin.' Then all the above will seize the chance and come out of lippin' and hidin.' For the time being, just expect, because it going to be a wreck. THC PacMan is going to beat da sweetness outta of the sugar bag -- I mean who Big Money O calls a heavy bag. Holla!

-admin :

OK guys, was my reading comprehension correct? You guys infer that Oscar called Mosley a heavy bag??

-FighterforJC :

OK guys, was my reading comprehension correct? You guys infer that Oscar called Mosley a heavy bag??
It was a blanket statement. Inadvertently DLH also admitted that he himself was a punching bag against Pacquiao.

-MisterLee :

De La Hoya: honest fighter, two-faced promoter. He's teaming up and backing up a guy who bad talked him (Mayweather) for money, while backstabbing and leaving out in the cold his friend and associate (Mosley), who probably has a better chance of beating Pacquiao than DLH ever did at any weight. Here's some of the transcript:
->http://fighthype.com/pages/content9168.html What oscar really thinks about pacquiao mayweather:

-MisterLee :


-MisterLee :

sup #1 pacfan!

-Isaiah :

De La Hoya is just fuming inside and out over the jealousy he has against Manny Pacquiao and Bob Arum. Don't be mad Oscar just because your days of being the cash cow in boxing are done! You had a fantastic run, but it's OVER! It's Pacman time now! And.... to bad for you, Manny knows where the money's at and Bob Arum gets to rake it in. Also, I thought Oscar and Shane Mosley were friends. Why's Oscar have to try to drag Sugar Shane's name through the mud? Be happy Shane gets one more shot at the big time. Life is to short for everything to be about money. It's just business. Shane didn't do nothing bad to Oscar. Fishnet stocking wearing Oscar should be happy for Shane and not be acting like a jealous little prick because Shane is somewhat still relevant in boxing while Oscar can't compete anymore even though they're around the same age. (Give or take a year.) So.... between Oscar and Shane, who's been stopped? Fake acting job from a grazing body shot and quitting on his stool. For shame Oscar. Getting stopped once wasn't enough? Care to uretire against someone with a pulse and make it a third? Blows your mind that Manny hasn't tasted a knockout since before he was drinking age and Floyd and Shane have NEVER tasted it. I bet it upsets the heck out of poor Oscar that he can hold his own against Floyd but gets beaten from pillar to post against Manny. LET THE WEIGHT DRAIN EXCUSES FLY! REAL men don't need excuses. "Oh, I changed my story and decided Manny doesn't hit that hard. Oh, I controlled EVERY stipulation of the fight, but I was weight drained against Manny. THAT'S why I looked bad. Oh, Floyd Mayweather want's to make money with me. Let's say Manny does PEDS. Oh, never mind. Floyd chickened out of the fight. I don't like Floyd anymore. Oh, Manny actually agreed to the NAZI blood testing demands? Quick everybody. Pretend he didn't and keep on accusing him anyway. It sells! Oh, Shane Mosley's my friend. What? Shane left the company? Sugar Shane is a punk and a sellout!" Well..... I think you all get the point. Oscar is a backstabber and he get's what he gets for his deeds. One more thing... I see Manny agreeable to the fight of the century, but where's Floyd? So, BOTH of them want the fight, eh? YEAH RIGHT! LOL!

-MisterLee :

Sugar Shane Mosley acted as Oscar's sparring partner when he was preparing agst Floyd. He was the one simulating Floyd, and had the speed to imitate his style. Part of Oscar's success could be attributed to Shane, and the other part Freddie Roach.

-MisterLee :

Sugar Shane must be asking: