WBC President Dr. José Sulaimán said that the WBC World Diamond Belt will be in dispute during the rematch fight between the WBC light heavyweight world champion Jean Pascal of Canada and WBC Emeritus Champion Bernard Hopkins of the USA, as it could not be presented to either of the champions after their sensational first fight, scored a draw, in Quebec City last November. The fight was voted “Fight of the Year” by the WBC.

Pascal told President Sulaimán after the fight that he would get it next time. Hopkins answered a TV interviewer who asked him what did Pascal have better, and Hopkins responded: THE BELT.

 The WBC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the service of boxers and promoters, trying its best to have the most competitive and attractive fights for the benefit of the boxing fans and of boxing as a sport. Boxers and promoters who promote fights for a WBC championship are committed to respect the constitution, rules, regulations and rulings of the WBC, in absolute respect to its exclusive ownership of its trademark, as well as the WBC championship accolade.

 We have read statements, articles and letters, some aggressive, from our longtime and good friend Gary Shaw, an active WBC promoter, and we understand the position of some promoters strictly in favor of their business. But neither he nor anybody else ever registered any contract for a second fight between our proud champion Pascal and Chad Dawson, which would have required WBC approval and sanction.  The WBC never had any official knowledge of a condition to Pascal, who is the champion and not the challenger, to resign to his WBC world championship if he did not fight Dawson next. No promoter or boxer can agree to a fight for the WBC world title without first obtaining WBC approval and sanction.

 The WBC, whose obligation is to lead the organization for the benefit of boxing, voted overwhelmingly, 30 to 2, to order a new fight for Pascal-Hopkins – their first fight also earned Showtime's highest rating for a boxing match in the last four years – but also included in its ruling that the winner should make his next mandatory defense against Dawson as proof that the WBC is also supporting him for the good of the boxing matches that boxing needs to continue being one of the most popular sports in the world.

 The WBC expects our promoter and friend Gary Shaw to participate amicably and in good faith in favor of this ruling, cooperating for the good of all boxers and not only of one, and continue participating in the WBC where he has always had  its maximum support. The WBC will continue its system and style of amicable and positive participation for the good of boxers, promoters, and boxing fans of the world, but it will never stop to struggle to protect the interests of boxing and the WBC, based on its constitution, rules and regulations, regardless of what it might take.

 Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins deserve the opportunity of fighting again and win the Most Famous WBC Diamond Belt, which has only one owner in Manny Pacquiao, and also make a very important purse, which would lead also to an immediate new opportunity for Chad Dawson. This is what the WBC is looking for, and will struggle to the end to accomplish.

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-amayseng :

hopkins does, arguably he beat pascal, in fact he truly did. chad got white washed until the last two rounds of the fight. therefore hopkins should have an immediate rematch. forget the bull shit contractual rematch...its crap like this that puts boxing back a step instead of having an immediate rematch of a more deserving fighter and exciting fight you got 6 months of waiting around for the dawson fight then what another 6 months till a bhop fight? this is where the ufc shines, they dont have the lawyer court system bull shit.. close exciting fight? then immediate rematch for the fighters and the fans.. bhop deserves the rematch, and soon, not in 8 months...

-brownsugar :

does the WBC supercede a legal and binding contract??. Since the WBC is based outside of the U.S. they seem to think they can ignore the contractural stipulations that Dawson and Pascal made before thier fight. Arum and King used wake up district judges in the middle of the night to sign injuction papers to prevent these type of infractions from happening(within the borders of the U.S. of course)... But the WBC seems to be saying "look,..if you value our WBC belt you'll step aside and we'll return the favor later,... if you don't we'll mess with you by making you take mundane mandatories and blocking key titlefights". It will be interesting to see how Shaw will respond. A lot of long distance phone calls are probably being made as we speak. This is another key example of how the WBC has become an unnecessary hinderance to boxers and promoters... When fighters sign rematch clauses they should be honored... Dawson has already stepped aside once. I suspect the WBC is worried about losing 2 sanctioning fees if Dawson defeats Pascal in an immediate rematch. Pascal seems to favor the decision because he's aware that a properly motivated Dawson is a dangerous proposition... and Bhop has purposely ignored (ducked) Dawson for years by telling the world that Dawson was a nobody while using the fact that Pascal defeated Dawson as the premise to PROclaim that he beat the worlds best lightheavy (Pascal) based on his win over Dawson. Professional Boxing is a devious enterprise indeed.

-Radam G :

@B-Sug, in boxing biz never beleive what appears or what's out front. If Dawson and Pascal had a binding contract, the contract would be honored by the WBC or Pascal and B-Hop would pay Dawson a large amount of step-aside money. After the lawsuits, by the likes of myself and [U][/U]Graciano Rocchigiani[U][/U] - honestly not me [the Roast] - put on these corrupted alphabet sanctioning organizations, they know better than to violate binding contracts for their backroom bullsyeting. Go to Boxrec, and read up on how the WBC went bankrupt after GR -- not RG -- put the beatdown sue on 'em. The suckas settled with him for some serious moola and restored him as champion after taking it away and giving it back to Superman Roy Jones Jr. As I've said a million times, the hurt bitnezz is full of optical illusions. And just like magicians, da playas in diz legal mayhem biz can and do put some shocking foolin' on those fans who lack the BIG BUSINESS side of pugilistic magical schoolin.' Holla!

-brownsugar :

RG,....the response of Suliaman wasn't what I would call heavy handed. Suliaman chose his words well. He didn't seem to be speaking from a position of absolute authority over the situation. but more like he was saying : scratch our backs and we'll scatch yours. Suliaman appears to be looking for a favor here. Shaw does in fact have a rematch clause and Suliaman is promising a "lucrative" opportunity down the line...I'm sure we'll be getting an update from Shaw this week on whether he'll capitulate or hold firm.