Sal Musumeci Stands Up For Teddy Atlas

logo_w_name1As most of boxing has now seen, or at least heard of, the infamous YouTube video that features Teddy Atlas addressing certain issues regarding himself and his fighters promoter, I just wanted to commend Teddy for all that he's done for the sport of boxing.  Boxing needs more men like Teddy Atlas; a guy from the old school who can be taken on his word and his devotion to his fighter supercedes the business end of the sport.  Any trainer willing to pass up a six-figure payday because of genuine concern for his fighter's well-being should be commended, not criticized.  Teddy is at the top of my list as a guy I'd like to have by my side if I were to go into battle, or walk down the proverbial dark alley.

Over the past few months, I have really gotten to know Teddy Atlas fairly well.  Last summer he invited me and my fighter, Derric Rossy, into his training camp to help prepare Alexander Povetkin in sparring.  I was immediately impressed as he made sure everything was fair for both fighters, and neither fighter was given any sort of edge or advantage over the other.  I was even more blown away for the affection and compassion that he showed for his fighter from the very beginning as he was taping him up and stretching him prior to the workouts.

I have always told fighters and people interested in learning about boxing to just tune in to ESPN2's Friday Night Fights and listen to Teddy Atlas.  His game plans are flawless and he educates the viewer throughout the show; you are sure to learn a lot about the art of boxing. After this latest episode on YouTube and the time I have spent with Teddy, I am proud to be friends with a man of such integrity, honor, high-moral standards.  Teddy please don't bail out on the boxing business, especially now.  We need all the class-acts that we can get.

Sal Musumeci, CEO/ Final Forum

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