Camp Notes From Bradley And Alexander

Devon Alexander ‘The Great’ Training Camp Notes

Part 1

Camp Location: I am training in Las Vegas for this fight.  While I have trained here before when I fought out of the Cory Spinks camp, for my last two fights my promoter, Don King, allowed me to live in the home where Mike Tyson lived when he trained in Vegas.  I love it.  It gives me inspiration to know I’m sleeping in the same bed “Iron” Mike slept in when he trained here.

Training Regimen: My trainer, Kevin Cunningham, took me up to the mountains outside Las Vegas last year to a little ski resort at the top of Mt. Charleston to run.  I call it ‘The Monster’ and its one of my biggest challenges while training.  I have to face and conquer it three times a week, and with snow on the ground now, it has become much tougher.

Every day, we go out for a six-mile run in the morning, and then head to the gym in the afternoon.  My workouts include shadow boxing, mitt work, heavy bag, speed bag, sparring and jumping rope.  I average 30 rounds per day in the gym, Monday through Saturday.  And on the seventh day, I rest.

Diet: Basically as far as meat, I only eat salmon, tilapia, turkey breast and chicken breast.  The rest of it is fruits and vegetables.  It’s just fuel for me.  I want to eat what will make me perform best.

Personal sacrifice: Eating light is not my only sacrifice during this training camp.  Due to this fight being in January, I’ve had to give up the holidays with my friends and family back in St. Louis, which is hard.  My kids will wake up on Christmas day without dad being there. I was in the gym on Christmas.  Come January 29, that’s something else that Tim Bradley is going to have to pay for.  I think about that every day.

Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley Training Camp Notes

Part 1

Camp Location: I am back in Indio, Calif., where all of my camps have taken place. I have never found the need to go anywhere else as my family is not a distraction and does not get in the way of how my camp goes. My family is what keeps me strong.  If I had to go somewhere else, I would not be able to focus the way I do because I would be worrying about them.

Training regiment: My training is Monday through Saturday and consists of running 45 minutes daily, sparring a few times during the week, strength training twice a week, and most of all doing my best to execute the plan.

Diet: My diet consists of grains, vegetables, and my protein sources come from tofu, tempeh, beans and nuts.  Turning vegetarian for every training camp is nothing new for me.  In fact, it is something that has worked for me for the past two years.  Other fighters are even trying this now, so this just puts me ahead of the game.

Personal Sacrifice: This year did not feel much like Christmas because I am so focused for January 29th.  I don’t really consider it a personal sacrifice because this is my job. I know what I have ahead of me.  But my personality was not in the Christmas spirit like every other year and know that I had to set mind up for this.  But even though this was the first Christmas I had to work, the real gift will be coming on Jan. 29th.

WBC super lightweight champion Alexander (21-0, 13 KOs), of St. Louis, and WBO junior welterweight champion Bradley (26-0, 11 KOs), of Palm Springs, collide in “The Super Fight,” Saturday, January 29, at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Mich.  Their world title unification will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing, beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.

Remaining tickets, priced from $25-$400, can be purchased at the Silverdome box office, by calling (248) 338-2500 or online at Alexander vs. Bradley is promoted by Gary Shaw Productions, Don King Productions, and Thompson Boxing Promotions.

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Isaiah :

Excellent training regimens and diets for both Bradley and Alexander. The intensity of their training will not go to waste. This will be a war! The Ring Magazine, as far as I know, are stll deciding if this will be for the world championship or not. I hope it is. If the winner fights Amir Khan after this, that man should be defending the world title and not a paper one as if he has to earn the championship twice. As far as the diet goes, I'd have to lean towards Alexander on that one. The body needs meat. I'm not saying someone should load themselves down with deep fired everything and red meat, but beans and tofu just don't cut it for strength alone. Baked chicken and fish thrown in there with veggies and fruit is the stuff of champions. Regardless though, I'm picking Bradley to win in a back and forth war just so I hope he'll go teach Khan's hyped up self a lesson next. Bradley would make a really good champion. He has the right attitude for this and doesn't even think he deserves a shot at the Pacquiaos and Mayweathers of the world. Hope Bradley wins big!

Radam G :

Clickin of a pugilist so that he can put on a lickin' is 70 percent mental, 10 percent diet, 10 percent location of training, training/know how, conditioning and rest, five percent hygiene and five percent hook-up/luck/promoting and psy-ops. HBO's stories about these guys are catching and quite effective. I expect for HBO to draw a nice rating. But the live gate results will be manufactured. The percentage of those butts in those seats will be comps and a few paying outerstaters. As the great boxing guru Manny S says, "Detroit is a Kronk town, not a boxing town." In other words the local public will not spend a penny seeing outside, unknown-to-them fighters invading Kronk Town USA/Mowtown USA. Just maybe promoters Don King and Gary Shaw have something up their sleeves. Maybe Tommy Hearns is making a comeback or something. Or maybe hip-hop vocal superstar are going to show DK the support. Holla!

Joe :

At least there are some guys I know on the card; for 24.99 I'll buy it just to see Two Gunz - even though I thought he shut it down after he fought Tua. Cedric Boswell, even Long - at least we've heard of them.

brownsugar :

[B]I'm literally starvin' to see some action[/B] ....If these guys trained this fiercely and dont bring-it,.. Then I'm gonna express by opinion! (that's all I really can do but it can be more dangerous than it sounds)... Amazing what these top athletes can put themselves thru. I might have to switch sides and jump on Radams double wide Limo... I want Bradley to win but if Alexander is jogging up mountains,... on a pair of the freshest legs this side of Amir Khan... he may be able to keep Bradley at the end of his reach the whole 12. But this is no time to lose faith... I'll stick with Bradley and eat my crow like a good fight fan at the end of the day.

ultimoshogun :

Test test test

admin :

Ultimo, I have to put you on the "auto post" list...good to see ya