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Have the contracts been signed, sealed, notarized, and  delivered? Is there any wiggle room? Could Sugar Shane Mosley still wriggle from from his May date with Manny Pacquiao? Because by the looks of the Twitter beef he's having with Andre Berto, these two dudes have a score to settle, and if an in-the-flesh throwdown has half the action of their online battle, fight fans would be the beneficiaries.

Berto, the WBC welterweight champion, seemingly got the scuffle started on Saturday night, when still smarting from the Colts' loss to the Jets in the AFC wild card game, he tossed a jab at SSM.

“Still mad,” he wrote to his Tweeple, and then promised he'd go to the bathroom and look at a “pic of this old man.” “This old man” was a doctored picture of Mosley, looking as ancient as Red Foxx on Sanford and Son.

“Don't get mad at me because your team got knock off like you would lol,” Mosley replied, and the Twit hits started to fly.

“Look at this pic closely by time i finish wit u this pic will be a reality,” Berto responded.

Mosley, who will contend for the WBO welterweight crown on May 7,  scored the first solid toss, when he wrote, “By the time you fight anybody of note we will all be the old!!!!!!”

Berto returned fire. “U already old that's why u want to fold,” he wrote.

Of course, followers of both fighters jumped into the fray, making it more like a WWE clustereff than a snap-swap with Queensberry rules.

Ant_robinson tagged in, and ripped off this suplex of words: “By the time March rolls around @SugarShaneM will have fought in 2 superfights while @andreberto is getting ready to fight a 36y/o gatekeeper.”

That reference was to the rumored Berto-Randall Bailey scuffle, which Berto shot down subsequently.

Ballbusta258  got into the act, and set this one up for Mosley on a tee: “@sugarshanem is still the man.. Who berto beat… ?” he wrote. “Himself,” Mosley Tweeted.

Antonio Tarver even popped up, to referee. He was assured by all that it was all in good fun.

The action continued on Sunday.

“Listen next game I'll put up 100k and u just put up your retirement pitchen let's go,” Berto wrote. Mosley was ready with a hook. “Berto Berto you know I make way more money than you that would't be fair. keep your little Money i good. LOL,” he Tweeted.

Berto got his share of scoring blows, though. “Lol this twitter battle is alot more entertaining then that @SugarShaneM vs Mora fight and that mess was on PPV..SMH..REFUND PLEASE!!!!!” he said.

He elevated the nature of the ribbing, I'd say, when he referenced Mosley's “old lady.” His followup was even more pointed. “Let me ask u a serious question are u still juicing up? 'I mean on the roids? It's just me and u talking nobody will know.”

When Mosley didn't answer immediately, Berto wrote, “*Crickets* Awww I guess that's a touchy subject hu.. Shane just do like Margartio say u didn't know. We'll all believe u lol.”

Mosley chose the high road, and said he'd finish up after watching some football, and recovering from the “low blow.”

Berto exulted. “Lol ok people it seems team @SugarShaneM has waved the white flag.. Win for #TeamBerto.. I hope everybody enjoyed it.. Have a beautiful day,” he wrote.

This is a brand new world, in case you didn't know. Rivalries can get started virtually, between oceans. It can get ugly quickly, because as anyone who spends time online knows, people will say things on the computer they'd never dare utter in person.

I scored this one for Berto. Mosley started strong, and used his experience, and his “cornermen” to his advantage. But when Berto concentrated, and upped his game, and got more intense, he closed the show. Might that be the way it played out if these two went at it for real?

Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter. It's one of my new year's resolutions, to get a bit more onboard with some of the new media. My tag is @Woodsy1069. But be aware sometimes my political passion gets the better of me, and I share some of my Olbermannish views, so if that isn't your thing, steer clear.

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