MisterLee :

to me, this is the greatest fight in boxing today, 2nd only to pac floyd, which will never happen, b/c floyd is retiring and taking "arrest" for a while. Here's the fight poster, no haterade involved, but don't this look like a cover for some certain type of porn... just sayin'... [url]

brownsugar :

I'm anticipating this fight purely on what it means on a competitive level. Bradley and Alexander are the cream at 140 pounds.. neither is a finisher on the level of a Pacman or Sugar Ray... But I'm hoping just this once, We can finally see a conclusive ending to this contest.. I know every bout can't be Martinez vs Williams. Which is as conclusive at is the end of that fight, after Williams lay motionless on the canvas for far too long,.. I heard nothing but silence,.. even though we had the Big screen TV turned up on high volume... I heard nothing but a faint, nearly subsonic highpitch ringing in my ears. such was the impact of my disappointment.. Boxing need more fights that end in a conclusive manner. No more of these Maweather/Del La Hoya or Calzaghe/Hopkins type of letdowns... At the end of this fight,.. I wanna be profoundly over-joyed,.. hearing trumpets carved from ram horns and harp music blasting from Heaven while golden confetti rains in my living room if my favorite wins,.. or the profound silence of utter dejection accompanied by the sound of those hospital diagnostic machines when somebody flatlines if my favorite loses(utter but temporary dejection)... It would be tragic if this fight turns out to be a safety first battle of attrition and defense. I like both fighters but feel as though I've known Bradley longer (from a spectators perspective) so I'm going with Bradley to be savvy enough to overcome Alexanders reach advantage and taking the fight inside. by the end of the fight if there is no KO,.. I wanna see plum sized eyelids,.. bleeding nostrils and assorted lumps about the lips and cheekbones based on the amount of aggressive noises these two warriors have made leading up to the fight.

Joe :

"The Great" should box circles around "Tiny Tim". I can hear a lot of those little noises with the jabs and straight lefts while Timmy lumbers around the ring chasing Devon. A long night of boxing but I'm guessing 7-4-1 for Don Kings fighter.

Radam G :

I'm onboard with Joe. TB is a hyped-up, mixed-up confident, green-arse, not improving, over-muscled, tight fighter. Dang! Da dude may pop a muscle. He's is just too bulky to be successful with the quick, swift, loosey-goosey light welterweights. Dude moves like a jerboa. He has no bang in his punches, and shoe shines like an ex-pee wee fighter on crack. His hardest punch is his dome. He is mistrained. His trainer, promoter and dad have serious tudes and are very arrogrant and aggressive. I though highly of Desert Storm when he first won the belt by shuttin up big-mouthed Witter, who is nothing but a quitter. But when I went around Team Bradley, they gave me the evil-eye and the waving hebe. But it's all good. Looks like karma is about to get jiggy with Dessert Salad -- I mean Desert Storm. Holla!