Shumi KOs Vet Joppy In Sixth

The_ChampSHYMKENT, Kazakhstan (January 8, 2011) – WBA/IBA Light Heavyweight Champion Beibut Shumenov (11-1, 7 KOs) successfully defended his world titles for the second time, stopping  3-time world champion William Joppy in the sixth round, tonight in front of a packed house at the Ice Mansion in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

Joppy (39-6-2, 30 KOs) replaced WBO titlist Juergen Braehmer, who last Monday night suddenly and unexpectedly pulled out of his scheduled unification showdown against Shumenov, in the main event.

The former Kazakhstan Olympian, now fighting out of Las Vegas, floored Joppy in the fifth round with a powerful right and seconds into the sixth round, he fired a vicious left hook to Joppy’s body that resulted in him taking a knee and being 10-counted out. Shumenov joined fellow world champion Lucian Bute and former superstar Felix Trinidad as the only fighters to ever stop the game, experienced Joppy.

“I’m happy but still want to be the undisputed light heavyweight champion of the world,” Shumenov said after the fight. “That is my goal. I took a little while to get to Joppy because I had prepared four months to fight a southpaw.

“I can go toe-to-toe or move and box. I’m trying to learn everything to be the best, using my power and speed. He’s (head trainer Kevin Barry) the greatest. I listened to my corner. I want to fight the best – the other three world champions. I can’t be considered the best until I’ve beaten the other three champions.”

“Under the circumstances,” Barry noted, “I thought that Beibut’s performance was incredible. It was a fight that I didn’t like because he was fighting a last-minute replacement with a lot of excperience. Mentally and emotionally, I was concerned because he was deflated and he had to get back up in three days. He has a world-class jab. The plan was for him to throw to the body in the first few rounds and then go to the head. Everything worked out well for us.”  

The show was presented by Goossen Tutor Promotions and KZ Event Productions, which is owned and operated by the Shumenov brothers, Beibut and Chingis, in Las Vegas.

In the co-feature, Uzbekistan native Ravshan Hudaynazarov (14-0, 12 KOs), rated No. 13 by the WBA, won the WBA FEDALATIN Welterweight title by 10th-round technical knockout due to a deep cut over Jose Luis “Chelin” Cruz’ right eye. A devastating body puncher, the 26-year-old Hudaynazarov dropped Cruz (41-8-2, 33 KOs) with a left hook to the liver late in the opening round, but his Mexican opponent proved to be as tough as advertised. Cruz had fought a draw with Carlos Baldomir and took Shane Mosley the full distance.

On the advice of the ring doctor, the referee stopped the fight in the 10th round, but Hudaynazarov gained invaluable experience having never before fought more than six rounds. He won every round on the three judges’ scorecards through nine in a thoroughly convincing performance.

Former Kazakhstan National Amateur Champion Alexandr Zhuravskiy (11-0, 8 KOs), fighting out of Las Vegas, kept his perfect pro record intact by knocking out Ruben “Modern Day” Galvan in the sixth round to capture the WBA International Super Lightweight Championship. Zhuravskiy methodically broke-down Galvan, who had been stopped only twice in 45 previous fights, flooring him with a left and then immediately jumping on him with a 1-2 combination that ended the fight.

Unbeaten Interim PABA Light Heavyweight Gayrat Shumenov (16-0-1, 10 KOs), rated No. 65 by the WBA, successfully defended that belt and added the WBC International crown to his collection when Tursunboy Absullakimov was unable to answer the bell to start the fifth round.

Hudaynazarov, Zhuravfskiy and Ahmedov are all in the KZ Event Productions stable of fighters.

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-the Roast :

Thats what you get Joppy. A young Roast was heartbroken when old man Duran took a pounding from the not worthy William Joppy. Sometimes what goes around does come around.

-the Roast :

OK, I wasn't that young, Joppy-Duran was in '98. We still have some very key Regs missing in action. Andy from Newcastle, lost in the mist. Salt Lover, quick wit and the King of xD! Anony, always the dessenting view. I'm forgetting a ton of others. What happened to Fistic Fury? He was a fighter I think. Come back .

-the Roast :

Also, as of now, we have 272 members and not alot of commenters. So most of you like to just watch. Nasty.

-Radam G :

@The Roast, Fistic Fury is a British fighter and a hot heavyweight prospect being trained by Manny Steward. The kid may just bring glory back to the heavies. [He is a pretty sharp upcomer, along with amateur Hashim Rahman II -- son of the former champion of the same name. And outta China, we got some mean arse-kickers getting ready to make some serious noise. Mike Tyson is over here getting a peep at them. The U.S.A. and the WBC has made him world ambassor of pugilism.] GBG Manny S wouldn't dare let Fistic Fury hang around this Universe, because it would distract the kid from his learning curve. Great boxers and those who have potential are not conditioned for the venom that comes from some of the know nothings. For your informatiion, before Paulie Malignaggi [name probably misspelled] moved out to California to train, he use to hang out in this Universe and was fudged up and a total mental case. Most boxers are really sensitive and cannot take smack talk and bullsyet from know nothings and never-been-in-the-squared-jungle haters. Only a few have double tough skin like your's truly. (I learned from the GOAT Ali how to use the fire of haters and know nothings, and by me they always burn --BURN, BABY, BURN -- not the other way around.) I know 99 percent of the top-and-elite-and-former boxers who've been hanging out here by their syntax. Every dang boxer and ex-boxer speaks in a certain way that is so obvious. And normally a person writes the way he speaks, unless he is writing something up in a second or third language. A couple of boxers, who routinely visit this world, have a good idea who I am, but I will never tell. I love hiding in plain sight. Time to syet, shower and shave, and hit da pit! Holla!

-the Roast :

@Radam, as you may recall, I figured out who you are as soon as I got here. Too bad you lost that last fight to Holyfield. You were winning on the cards at the time of the KO!

-Radam G :

@The Roast, you got jokes! Hahahahahahaha! I remember that encounter between you and I when you arrived to the Universe. Again, TRUST ME! I'm no fatty, heavy Francois Botha, though I've sparred with him and Holy. We're all boys. Neither one of those suckas could catch me. Maybe every bone in my body would be broken if they could. Holy outweight me by 90 to 100 pounds. Botha's fat arse outweight me by more than a buck thirty. I luv hiding in plain sight. Only the Pinoys and Pinays could see me, and dey ain't talkin' or tellin!' Holla!

-the Roast :

This is a new clue. Approx 80-90lbs less than Holy, I got it. Radam G's true identity is....Mustapha Hamsho!! I knew it! It's too bad your skin let you down VS Hagler cuz you had that chump!

-Radam G :

WOW! The Roast is moving ahead of Bobby C as the comic of the year. BC is TSS comic of the first decade of 2lst Century. No way that I'm Mustapha Hamsho, though he is a nice guy, who invited me to his native Syria. We were having a good time with belly danceers until the Iraelites bombed the heck out of an area that we meters away from. That was almost the end of the G --me. I than took him to the Philippines, then the national police stage a coup. It was almost the end of the H man -- Hamsho. I had to paid some squatters to hide him. The 1990s were a bytch! I sued the IBF, WBF, WBC, Don King, CSAC, TSAC and a few other crooks. Every dang country I was in had an uprising or a coup. Danggit! I was hanging out in Korean Town in Los Angeles when a dude took a swing at me. He missed and got the fudge knocked out by my left hook. Then I discovered that African Americans were rioting and looting and trying to put the beatdown and theft on every out-of-group person. During that period, Don King was promoting me as a Korean. Some Koreans were riding by and gave me a handgun and told me that "the brothas have gone apesh*t" because the cops that had "whoopa whop Rodney King's [arse] was made a [sic] innocent." WTF! Though, I was angry at Don King for promoting me as a Korean, on that day I was gladly one, got a ride and the heck out of danger. [True story] How people are related to one another is strange. I'm related to Hamsho and Hagler by married. Hagler's cousin is marry to my first cousin Soledad. Hamsho's first cousin Hassan who boxed for a sec before he was KTFO is married to my second cousin Manilyn. Her crazy-arse hubby sucka use to be a regular poster in TSSU. Nonetheless, I'm no Hamsho! And no middleweight! Holla!

-the Roast :

Damn Radam! Good story. I throw out a name and you come back with a related tale. No middleweight huh? Lighter? Sammy Fuentes?

-Radam G :

The Roast, you're close! But I won't be tellin.' Being invisible -- I'm luvin' it. Holla!;)

-the Roast :

Close is good. Someday, somewhere we will have a drink and have a laugh.