Sergio Martinez Will Fight Serhiy Dzinziruk March 12

PavlikMartinez_Bailey_7Joe Bfsptplk, the creation of the late cartoonist Al Capp, and Serhiy Dzinziruk have one thing in common, which is to say equally unpronounceable surnames.

On the other hand, more people have heard of Joe Bfstplk.

Dzinziruk’s name may be somewhat more familiar by March 12, when 2010 Fighter of the Year Sergio Martinez defends his WBC middleweight title against HBO’s favorite Ukrainian at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

Promoter Lou DiBella had hoped to showcase Martinez at the Madison Square Garden Theatre that night, but that plan was doomed by the relative anonymity of the opponent. Dzinziruk, the soon-to-be 35 year-old WBO junior middleweight champion, is undefeated in 37 pro fights, but his only US appearance came in his stoppage of Daniel Dawson on a ShoBox card in California last May. Filling even the 5,000-seat Theatre loomed a tough sell in New York, where fight fans know their Sergios from their Serhyis; ergo, the change in venue.

Once DiBella pulled the plug on the Garden Theatre, many leapt to the assumption that the Dzinziruk fight would be in Atlantic City, where Martinez’ last three fights took place, but TSS sources confirmed that it would take place at the Connecticut casino, which will be hosting its first title fight since Carl Froch-Jermain Taylor in April of 2009.

It will be the second title defense for Martinez (46-2-2), who followed his upset win over Kelly Pavlik last April with a stunning second-round knockout of Paul Williams in November.

With the fight card scheduled for the weekend before St. Patricks Day,  DiBella’s first choice in opponents had been Irish middleweight Andy Lee, but HBO turned thumbs down on both Lee and Sebastian Dzik, who as the WBC’s  “interim” champion, represented Martinez’ mandatory. Precisely why the network considers Dzinziruk more telegenic remains unlearned.

The good news for Irish boxing fans is that Lee (24-1) will box on the Foxwoods show, as will another popular 160-pounder, John Duddy (29-2). The bad news is that they won’t be fighting each other. While insisting on Dzinziruk as Martinez’ opponent, HBO will show only the main event of the live card.  In the absence of TV money, it would be impossible to satisfy what Lee and Duddy would want for fighting each other.

Having Lee on the card provides yet another benefit for the Irishman’s manager/trainer Emanuel Steward: Since he will be working the corner instead of manning an HBO microphone on March 12, Steward won’t have to spend the next two months learning how to pronounce Dzinziruk’s name.


admin :

Wanna play a game? See all the different ways the press spells the name of Sergei, er Serhiy...uh,,,, Dzina...Dzazinaz...uh, the guy Martinez is gonna fight...

the Roast :

I dont like the matchup. Maybe they could have a double bill like in the old days. Sergio vs whoever and Serhiy vs somebody. After they both win they talk a little smack and maybe we have something. Leonard and Hearns fought a double bill before the Superfight. Hearns vs Baez and Leonard vs Kalule. They did this on free TV on a Saturday afternoon just to build interest. And we wonder what went wrong with boxing as a main stream sport.

Radam G :

What da FUDGE? Alphabet sanctioning organizations are now giving pugilists with "just-throw-up-some-darn-alphabet names" title shots. I heard Serhiy Dzinziruk is the short way of posting this fighter's name. Wow! Is it really that bad for Sergio Martinez? Since he beat the most "feared fighter alive," now he has to dance with one who has the most feared name alive. Holla!

MisterLee :

I heard this Serhiy guy is a tougher test for martinez than the other guys, but i hope martinez wins and hangs on to the crown. he's fought long to get where he is, the least he could do is enjoy it and earn a few paydays while he's at it. the guy is good man, real good. my hope is that sturm/pirog win a few fights and the three fight each other, who knows, maybe on show time or something. yet hbo let mora mosley happen. wtf? give martinez his day in the sun fo' sho!

admin :

I admit I haven't seen enough of Dzini to offer an informed opinion...Lemme go scour Youtube for footage

admin :

[url] [url] [url]

MisterLee :

watching the joel julio fight now. seems like a tough fight for anyone. he jabs a lot which i like, and he seems to be a thinking fighter, taking the first few rounds to figure the guys' timing and stuff. finished round 2, nothing interesting, but fundamentally sound, patient, and pretty tough.

admin :

Oh yeah, I'm warming to this one. No wasted movement, will stay in the pocket, pick his shots smartly, calm, cool, might have trouble with Martinez' movement. Oh, and lack of power. Serge might decide after two rounds that Dzinzi can't hurt him, and press him and hurt him. Dzinzi has been coddled, looking at his record...

the Roast :

Thanks for the footage! Based on that I think the dude is too stiff and Sergio will be too fast. Late bustup or UD.

brownsugar :

:cool:Dzinziruk is the consumate pro.. highly skillful, and much avoided. Paul Williams ignored his challenges for years... and for years Dzinziruk has been on the outside looking in. Dzinziruk is not a big puncher, but he's one of the most skillful boxers you'll ever witness. Guys like Dizinziruk puts blood thirsty boxing fans to sleep.... but if you want to see uncanny technical ability,...a boxer whose hands are always moving,.. especially at the same time his opponent is throwing,.. then you will be delighted to watch upcoming fight. Dzinziruk is to boxing ablility: what an epic Novel is to a Comic Book,.. it may be a bit of an aquired taste... but once you learn to appreciate pure boxing on a technical level... you'll love watching what Dzinziruk can do in the ring... Dzinziruk has an excellent chance to defeat Martinez and the statistical odds of Martinez landing a KO shot decreases exponentially against the Euro slickster. ... I mean did you not see how effortlessly he handled boxer - puncher Joel Julio... moving just enough laterally, forward and backward,... ducking and slipping on demand,.. and opening up every time Julio moved his hands,.. without taking much in return... all the while giving the false impression that he's just the standard stiff European standup boxer(that's the bait)... Dzin has had managerial issues in the recent past and even more trouble getting quality fighters to meet him in the ring.. but if he can shake the rust,.. this is the best challenge Martinez has EVER had even though Dzin has to move up half a weight class. what ever you do,... don't bet the farm on Martinez.