Wladimir vs. Chisora Reset To April 30

KlitschkoChisoraFaceToFaceFight re-scheduled: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Dereck Chisora in Mannheim on April 30.

The title defense of IBF, IBO, WBO and “The Ring“ World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko against British and Commonwealth Champion Dereck Chisora has been re-scheduled for April 30 at SAP Arena Mannheim, Germany. Originally, the fight was supposed to happen last year on December 11, also in Mannheim, but had to be cancelled due to an injury of Wladimir Klitschko.

“I am very happy that we have found a new date for the fight so quickly. Chisora insulted me many times and that is why I still have unfinished business with him. He is a very good boxer but as a person he is a loser. Like I had done in December I will now teach him a lesson end of April,” says Wladimir Klitschko.

The reason for the cancellation in December was an injury Klitschko suffered in training three days before the fight.

27-year-old Dereck “Del Boy“ Chisora is the current British and Commonwealth Heavyweight Champion as well as #9 ranked in the independent world ranking. In 2007, he started his professional career and has won all his 14 fights since then, 9 by KO.

For Wladimir Klitschko it will be the 19th world championship title fight. The professional record of the 1996 Olympic Gold medalist is 55 wins (49 KOs) with only 3 losses.

In Germany, the fight will be shown live and exclusively on RTL.

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-FighterforJC :

There you have it, folks. You can still make the match happen with Fight Night Champion, which comes out on March 1st for the Xbox 360 and PS3. David Haye and Wlad Klitschko are both on the roster, along with Vitali, Tyson, Lennox, Pacquiao and others. No Mayweather, sadly, as he is as reluctant to climb into the virtual ring as he is in a real boxing ring.

-Joe :

This guy talks a lot of trash; he'll get a good whuppin'. Jab, Jab, Right Hand, Hold. Again. A long night for this guy. We'll see how tough he is, how long he can take it.

-Radam G :

Yippy! Boo hoo! This must be the greatest match of sorry-arse heavies in years. Nyet! I rather watch my cat Peeps clawing at the Leyte Island incests and geckos. :eek::(Holla!

-Isaiah :

This isn't the article for this, but I thought I'd put this to rest once and for all. Here's a quote I bet everyone in here will appreciate. "I am willing to have blood tests all the way up to the fight and even before the 6th round if Mayweather so wishes."-Manny Pacquiao. Google Manny Pacquiao agrees to Olympic drug testing. Only escape for Floyd now are the prison walls. "A COWARD dies a thousand deaths." That's a nice quote. Here's another one. "Ill fight Manny Pacquiao if he knocks out Shane Mosley."-Floyd Mayweather. FRAUD DUCKweather.....GRADE A DISGRACE AND EXCUSE QUEEN. Now to address this article.... "I'm not fighting Wlad if he wants an interim fight in April before fighting me in July."-David "THE DUCK" Haye. That's right folks! TRICK MADE David Haye has excuse number 1 million lined up of why NOT to fight a Klitschko Wlad wants to take a warm up in April in honoring his promise to Derick Chisora, fight David Haye just 9 weeks later in July, (Yeah, you read that right. Wlad STILL is WILLING to fight, but for some reason, Wlad not having 10 months of ring rust when he gets to Haye is somehow "unreasonable.") AND THEN, Wlad would still want to fight in September. Can you guess who? Tomaz Adamek! Tell me this wouldn't be a good year for Wlad AND HEAVYWEIGHT boxing! Why you might ask can't David Haye replace Chisora in April?! It's simple! Khan is fighting that night and we simply can't have 2 Brits competing with eachother for the spotlight. Why can't Haye fight in July?! Oh, that's right! It's because Haye would be forced to face Ruslan Chagaev, his mandatory from the WBA since Wlad is knocking off his ring rust. Oh, but we can't have Wlad not have ring rust when getting to Haye and have Haye fight someone with a PULSE in the meantime! PLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I think next time Haye fights, he should come out to Roy Jones best song except a remix.... YA'ALL MUSTA FORGOT! (THAT I'VE GOT A GLASS JAW!!!) ::Insert sound of chandelier breaking::

-brownsugar :

By all means Isaiah,.. don't hold back,.. express yourself..... The K Brothers exert extreme control over the weight class that has become their personal franchise lately...Reportedly Wlad has claimed that he'll never allow a possible match against him and Haye to appear on HBO,.. even if Greenburg got down on all fours and begged him while administering a spit shine to his size 17 1/2 dress shoes( having been censored by HBO in the aftermath of the Ibragimov fiasco)Wlad has the clout to back that up....Amazingly the KBrothers make more money in Europe than Mayweather makes in the U.S.(on average) ....Currently Johnathan banks is in the lineup for a crack at the title if he can pass his upcoming eliminator (you remember Banks getting KO'd by Adamek at Cruiserweight last year)So the Kbrothers Tomato Can factory continues to profit at a brisk pace....... At least Vitali remains true to form by taking on anyone who might be even a remote threat to his brother... Vitali didn't hesitate to sign against arguably the most potent challenger left (in the immediate future)in the personage of Odlanier Solis, who is one of the greatest Cuban amateur boxers ever. Solis defeated Felix Savon (the would be successor to Teofilo Stevenson who won 3 olympic golds) and he stopped David Haye in the amateurs during the championship round..Solis Kicked all kinds of Russian and Eastern European Block Butt in his five year consecutive world championship reign. Many are looking at Solis as just another in a long line of KBrothers Bum Bait. But every one of Solis's opponents have had winning records in the pro ranks and he's dominated everyone of them... even though he frequently come in 20 or 30 pounds overweight looking as though he carrying a pork sandwich in his back pocket...Solis shows his drive and determination on each outing..... Vitali must be commended for excepting the challenge so casually because Solis is a bonafide winner,.. with a winners mentality and vows to make the "arrogant" Ukrainian pay for low balling Solis's title bid purse. Solis provided Vitali with an "Old School" reply by saying that he'd fight Vitali for free just to get an opportunity to win his belt...(I wish more fighters thought like this)..... I'd encourage all the heavyweight fans not to miss that fight. Mortcola,... can we get your perspective please...O' Knowledgable One???

-Radam G :

@B-Sug. Solis has lost all discipline in coming out of Cuba. He is just running his mouth. He could kayo every heavy alive, with K-bros/docs being the easily. But da sucka luv his freedom to eat every dang thing that he desires and cut back on training. The one thing about boxing is that an optical illusion can be played on the naive and know nothings, but not on the in the knows. Solis is a bleeping disgrace and has learned the Western-world con job of business propaganda while half-arse doing da do. This sucka wouldn't fight a single boxer for FREE. You'd have to give him some Cuban rum, a steak, some yams and okra. One thing that I will give ex-Soviet Union fighters, is that they didn't lose their discipline, determination and soul by immerging into the western culture of trying to fool every d*mn body, including themselves by just TALKING BIG. The ex-Soviets are indeed hard workers. They just lack talent. The K-bros/docs are winners because of HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION mixed with learned old-school dedication. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Great response Radam,....that's the popular opinion about Solis,.. that hamhocks,.. all you can eat buffets and Halloween candy has made the man soft. Perhaps the over indgreulgent capitolist lifestyle of living in a comparitively free society has dulled Solis's fighting edge. And it's really hard to argue your point. But I think that Solis's lifelong habit of being a winner... being accustomed to standing on the highest position of the podium thru out his amateur career at the highest level will motivate Solis to come into the fight at his best state of readiness. I can't say for sure that he'd win although it seems that he has the potential to do so...Looking forward to hear your outlook after the fight.

-Radam G :

@B-Sug. Because of learned good habits of boxing, Solis will come to fight, but will he ever be in shape again? The knowledge will always be there. Like the saying in Spanish: "El que es gallo, en cualquier gallinero canta, no? [He who is a rooster, sings in any chicken coop, no?] And as the commentary saying goes in boxing, "the Cubans are fightin' fools." In Cuba, they went to elite boxing schools and were virually locked up in those schools. Discipline and conditioning were forced upon them. They were glad to be released from boxing schools, put on the Cuban National teams and going around the world to kick arse. Now 95 percent of them who have defected to the West are glad to eat, party and have sex, sex and more sex. Excess and wrong type of eating, partying and sexing don't mix with pugilism -- amateur or professional, especially professional. Solis is 5-foot-11, though he is listed at 6'1 and a half. In Cuba, as a primed amateur, he fought at 195lbs to 200lbs while winning every world amateur title on the planet. Now the guy is just 30 years old, but have gained 85lbs since defecting to the West. He walks around at about 285lbs and fights at 260lbs. He has fat liver and once he is tagged on that liver, he is a true goner. I pick any one of the K-bros/docs to finish him off in four rounds or less. LESS is more likely. Holla!