Golden Boy Joins Promoters Association

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Boxing promotional powerhouse, Golden Boy Promotions, has officially joined the Boxing Promoters Association.  Golden Boy and the BPA will make it official at the organizations next upcoming meeting on January 10th at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV.

“It's terrific to have an outstanding organization such as Golden Boy Promotions join our group,” stated Joe DeGuardia, who was elected president of the group founded in July 2009.  “We continue to make tremendous progress and Golden Boy is a great addition to our impressive list of members.  Promoters working together can really make a difference in our sport. Whether they're a top promoter in the sport or they are a small, local promoter, all are equally encouraged to join.”

The BPA is currently made up of more than thirty of the top U.S. Promoters in the Boxing industry.

“I am excited to be joining the Boxing Promoters Association and look forward to work with all promoters to help grow the sport in a positive manner,” said Richard Schaefer,  CEO of Golden Boy Promotions.

Golden Boy's President and founder Oscar De la Hoya added, “As it is the case with other sports- unity makes us stronger.  We need to be able to communicate a unified and positive message to all participants in the sport of boxing- most importantly the fans.  All of us at Golden Boy Promotions will work hard to advance the agenda of the Boxing Promoters Association and in the process position boxing as the greatest and most exciting sport in the world!”

For more information regarding the upcoming meeting, or for information on joining the growing organization, you can contact President Joe DeGuardia at or by calling 718 823-2000.

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Radam G :

Danggit! OMG! The league of bloodsuckers, purse snatchers, pick pocketers and neo-slavers are rocketing. Shame on Big Money O. When he started GBP, he claimed that it was for the benefit of the boxers and their getting the money fights and the BIG MOOLA that they deserve. GBP has been caught short-changing boxers and forcing them to sign unfair contracts. Da sucka organization is robbing da Manny to this day. And snitched on another boxer, so that he'd be deported for refusing to continue to do business with GBP. [Talking about da hurt bitnezz, GBP really hurt this kid's career and choke him out of the big moola light-middleweight sweepstakes. And da GBP suckas edged Trainer Ann Wolfe out of the picture of training a contender who recently got out of the slammer.] None the less, GBP is in the RED, so no wonder that it is gettin' on its joining of boxing business's "Blood Diamond" ways. Thanks a lot, GBP! GO ahead and team up on the pugilists who put their lives on line every time that they step in that squared jungle to use those skills, so that they can pay their bills. SUCKAS, "yall musta' fo' got!" Where is classy, comic TSS reader Robert Curtis? Maybe BMO and GBP got him on their Ring Magazine pay roll, lmfao! C'mon Bobby C! Where in the heck are you? Just because you are in and about and around the "City of Angels," it doesn't mean that some devils won't snatch your Larry-"So Contrary"-Holmes-luvin' arse.:DHolla!

amayseng :

this article should be titled " sergio to bore fans and his opponent to sleep on feb 4"

Radam G :

Wow! Nobody is giving the "Latin Snake" any luv. Everytime I try to make a comment about TSS's copy on him, this copy of the bloodsuckering Golden Boy comes up. What da fudge! The cyberspace aliens are attacking. Danger! Danger! Will Robinson! Danger! Danger! Or is that Editor Mike, lmfao! By the way, are the "Lost in Space" Robinson family related to the late, great Sugar Ray Robinson? He was lost in the hurt bitnezz about fighting Ezzard Charles, Archie "The Old Mongoose" Moore, Charlie Burley and umpteen other cats on the "Black Murder Row" of that time. Nonetheless, I can take the words of his nowadays supporters, because even he said that there "ain't no money in fightin' colored fighters," [-- the definition of African American/black back then]. Ironically not fighting a boxer because of lack of money still holds true nowadays. IBF light-middleweight champion Cornelius "K9" Bundrage cannot pay somebody to get into that squared jungle with him. Remindful of the hyped-up long, tall Paul Williams, short, small Bundrage is the most ducked fight alive. Maybe Paul Williams will make his comeback by taking on Bundrage. Pit time! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. :cool:Holla!

Robert Curtis :

I'll figure out this website before EM does, I swear! Mortcola, when you're right your right--I was redirected from a Haye/Klitschko article to this Golden Boy mess--the bugs in this screwy new set-up will take months to unbundle and straighten out. What bugs me is that I felt I was a decent funnyman on our beloved website, but nowhere near the wisest, sanest or most current of the bunch. So many of TSS's brilliant braintrust are navigating this weird new change in TSS's format. Many of them have deep and serious experience in the hurt biz and carry wisdom forward from previous generations that they have witnessed and endured. I am glad that greats like Brownsugar, Radam, The Roast, Mister Lee, Mortcola and other first class minds have shown up, but who have we lost?

Editor Mike :

I am beyond disappointed in the glitches. Have not resigned myself to it---plus the publisher is invested in getting this train back on the track.