That old meanie Paul “The Punisher” Williams is picking on guys his own size again.

Williams is dropping down to 154 to fight Kermit “The Killer” Cintron (32-2-1, 28 KOs) in a junior middleweight clash on May 8 at the Home Depot in Carson, California. The Goossen-Tutor Promotions battle will also be shown on HBO.

“I’ll fight at whatever weight. It don’t matter,” says Williams (38-1, 27 KOs) chuckling. “As soon as I go to any weight class they all get scared anyway.”

That’s not arrogance speaking, that’s the new more vocal string bean assassin who’s fought from 147 to 160. He’s even willing to fight at 175.

“It don’t matter to me,” chuckles Williams. “I like to get in there and crack some heads.”

The last time fans saw Williams crack heads was against Argentina’s Sergio Martinez in a middleweight explosion that many felt was the Fight of the Year in 2009. Both prizefighters slugged it out from start to finish with the Georgia boxer squeaking by.

“Some people thought he won and some people thought I won,” said Williams who acknowledges it was a close and great fight. “I like to fight.”

Cintron also fought Martinez nine months earlier. Their bout ended in a draw.

“He’s under rated,” claims Cintron who battled to a majority draw in February 2009 with the southpaw boxer puncher. Now he gets another bigger version of Martinez “Paul Williams is a great fighter.”

Williams and Cintron met at the International Boxing Hall of Fame banquet last year and became acquainted. You can’t get more acquainted than slugging it out in the ring and both fighters know each other well.

“He comes forward,” said Cintron of Williams. “He’s not one of those guys that try to look pretty in the ring.”

Cintron first developed as a one punch knockout artist who launched himself at opponents and looked to send them to another zip code. But after losing twice to Mexico’s Antonio Margarito he changed his game a bit and now is a boxer puncher who gives angles like he did against Alfredo Angulo.

“It’s going to be a hard fight for me and a hard fight for him,” promises Cintron.

Williams says this fight allows for him to be more prepared and go with a plan.

“I only had two and a half weeks to fight Sergio Martinez so our plan was to just throw punches and make him throw punches,” Williams said. “This fight we have time to plan.”


Cintron said he believes Margarito should be banned for life. He also feels Margarito’s

Williams begs to differ.

“How does anyone know he ever had any thing in his gloves before? Nobody knows,” Williams said.