Andre Dirrell lay on his back, quivering, barely conscious, after getting tagged with a Arthur Abraham right hand in the eleventh round. But Abraham's bomb didn't result in him getting his hand raised in the main event of a Showtime Super Six scrap in Detroit, because he threw it after Dirrell had slipped, and was on one knee.

Instead, Dirrell was declared the winner by ref Laurence Cole, and quite rightly so. Abraham, having been sent to the mat in the fourth, punched downwards. He was lucky, really, to leave the arena without getting attacked by a mob.

Dirrell seemed emotional and confused right after, while speaking to Jim Gray. Abraham, through an interpreter, said he should not have been disqualified, denying that Dirrell was down. “He's a good actor,” Abraham said, after a replay showed that Dirrell was obviously down on a knee. He won no fans by motioning to Cole just about every round that Dirrell was striking him low.

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