Lets see, the most anticipated fight in three years has been canceled because one of the participants, Floyd Mayweather Jr., believes the other participant Manny Pacquiao has been beating the system and injecting HGH/PED's.

First of all there's no evidence that Pacquiao has circumvented the system and he has passed every drug test he's been required to take. Secondly, there's never been one fighter who's fought during the modern era who enhanced their punching power and punch resistance as a result of HGH/PED's. Not one. If Pacquiao has the magic secret/PED you'd think he'd share it with his brother who's also a boxer. And one who doesn't have a great chin nor is he a great puncher like Manny.

For the sake of argument – lets assume that Pacquiao has gained some size and strength via injecting HGH/PED's. And lets assume for the sake of argument that they have aided Pacquiao in moving up from featherweight to welterweight. So what? He's still a welterweight like Mayweather is. It's not like Pacquiao was a strong welterweight and then added x-percent of muscle and strength. On that there can be no disagreement. So in essence Mayweather fears a featherweight who may be on HGH. Only Floyd Mayweather Jr. would attempt such a reach and use it as a way to kill a super-fight. Mayweather is turning what should have been an intriguing, straightforward fight into something like a sideshow.

As of this writing Pacquiao is scheduled to fight Joshua Clottey later this year on March 13th. Which was the day the world was supposed to stop and we'd see Mayweather-Pacquiao. Instead we'll see Pacquiao take on another tough welterweight in Clottey (Cotto being the first) who Mayweather would more than likely never have fought for the BS reason that there's not enough money in it for him. And the Mayweather band continues to march on.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a very cunning man. But he can only fool those who want to be convinced that he's an upstanding and honest great fighter. The fact is he manipulated his way out of fighting Manny Pacquiao because he couldn't dictate the terms and condition's to which the fight would be governed and fought under.

So what happens now? What happens now is both fighters will go about doing what they've done best over the last three years. For Mayweather that's talk and brag but not meet a single fighter who has a legitimate shot to beat him. And for Pacquiao, he'll move onto the next challenge and continue to add to his legacy and fatten his bank account.

Personally, I've always felt Mayweather Jr. was a tad overrated when compared to the greatest of the greats from a skill-set vantage point. However, I underrated his ability to sell a fight and change the debate. And change the debate is exactly what he's done regarding a potential fight between he and Pacquiao. For the last month Pacquiao-Mayweather can't be discussed without talking about HGH/PED. And this is all because Pacquiao has looked too good in his last couple fights that Mayweather and Teddy Atlas just can't handle it. Pacquiao is overshadowing Mayweather and I guess Atlas doesn't like being upstaged by Freddie Roach as a trainer. Which is something being that Atlas knows more than anybody that in boxing it's 95% the fighter and 5% the trainer. It's just that the fighter must have that 5% a great trainer brings.

At this time Mayweather is looking for a de facto victory over Pacquiao. Floyd's hoping to string along Pacquiao's using HGH as long as he can hoping that if Manny looks impressive against Clottey (if the fight comes off) he can continue to make the accusations stick. And inside he'll hope that Clottey upsets Pacquiao so he can say afterward – “if Clottey with three losses beat Pacquiao, everyone knows I would've beat him easier.”

Floyd will continue to accuse Pacquiao to be a steroid abuser and hope to diminish his victories – and if Manny stumbles he'll claim a de facto victory over him and ask, “who have beat me?” To which it can easily be retorted by saying, “who have you beat?”

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