Trainer Freddie Roach chatted with ESPN's Brian Kenny today and said he's still hopeful that Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will get it on, but he thinks Mayweather is scared he'll lose, and that's why he's been making demands on drug testing so he can make excuses to avoid Manny.

“I think he's scared,” said Freddie.

A fight pitting Manny and Joshua Clottey is close to fruition, but there is still a chance, Freddie said, for Pacman and Mayweather to take place in the late winter. Or, perhaps, the fall if cooler heads prevail, the trainer said. “Hopefully Mayweather will come to the table,” Freddie said.

Roach said he understands some will say that Pacquiao is ducking drug tests by refusing to get blood taken for examination no less than three weeks before a bout. “He just doesn't feel right” when he gets blood taken, Freddie said.

The trainer also expressed disbelief that a boxer is dictating the terms of testing, instead of an athletic commission.

He thinks that Mayweather avoids the toughest tests, and wants no part of the Shane Mosley-Andre Berto (Jan. 30) winner.

“Who's he gonna fight, Paulie Malignaggi?” Roach snorted.