Rest In Peace, Helen Dundee, Beloved Wife Of Angelo


TSS sends heartfelt condolences to famed trainer Angelo Dundee. His beloved wife Helen, who had been ailing for some time, passed away on Thursday.

The couple, who lived together in Florida, married in 1952. Angelo had recently been released from the hospital after undergoing surgery to repair a broken hip. Helen, who battled infirmity with the willpower of Arturo Gatti,  had gone into the hospital right around the time he came home from the procedure.

Theirs was a love story of the sweet, and oughtta-be-copied variety.

Helen, in a 2002 article, shared that they met at Madison Square Garden in New York, and that he courted her for four years before they were wedded.

“I was modeling in New York and he wasn't making much money,” she said. “He was just a corner man, just a bucket boy. I'm tall, he's short. I guess it was his personality.”

She used to joke that Angelo should shave a few years off when he'd brag how long they were together, because of all the time he was on the road.

We tend to think of Angelo and Ali as peas in a pod. But it was actually Angelo and Helen who were the true blue pair for the ages.

Rest in peace, Helen.

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-Radam G :

My deepest, deepest condolences to Angie and the whole Dundee family. May the Heavenly Angels of God's Eternal Kingdom toll the bells at the Pearly Gates as a welcome to the wonderful Hellen. Holla!

-Joe :

Sad to hear this one. Ang is a Champ too, he'll pull through. God Bless

-joey3fingers :