Twas the year in boxing, and all throughout the TSS abode, Not a creature was stirring, they were in Mayweather mode.

The fights were still being made, in the Top Rank, and the Golden Boy lair, OK, so maybe not the big one we wanted, but this year was still fair.

Yes, the heavyweights lacked luster, only the Klitschkos showed flair, But neither could force David Haye to take up their dare.

Lame heavies aside, there was much to celebrate, How bout we savor the work of Manny the Great?

He battered Josh Clottey, and Margarito too, Next up is Mosley, and though you've not asked us, we'd rather a case of the flu.

Indeed, maybe Mosley's shot, ready to for his career to be capped, But there's a reason we fight 'em, you can ask that Litzau chap.

As the weather gets colder, and we look back and review, There a bunch of other fighters who amazed us, and here's two.

First up, that Hopkins, that wily vet from Philly, Made Pascal look like an oldster, made the champ look plain silly.

Yes, if not for some judges who studied under blindman Van Hoy, Hopkins the graybeard would have a new belt to enjoy.

And what of another elder statesman of fight, That Spaniard Sergio Martinez, who ruined Long Tall Paul's night?

Williams threw in AC, but TSS FOY Martinez landed, It was my KO of the year, let me be completely candid.

While we're on the subject of “bests,” why don't we ponder, The TSS Fight of the Year, and gaze over yonder, At the contestants for the crown, like Antillon-Soto, and Calderon-Segura,

And Martinez and Burns, who fought with an excess of bravura, Roman and Escalante featured a heaping helping of drama, Same goes for the tussle between Khan and Maidana.
Sadly, one bout doesn't leap out at me, as I assess this year's span, So I will forgo a choice, and pass to Rafael, have at it Big Dan!

Please don't hate me, pelt me with verbal snowballs, or poke me with sharp sticks, It wasn't me who messed up Showtime's Super Six!

Yes, boxing had its usual dose of woes, like promoters suing each other, And Floyd being accused of whacking his kids' mother, C'mon, let's be kinder this new year, please, smile on your brother!

TSS too got into the fray, when Kimball went ballistic, and Judd said he'd make us pay, But things cooled down, before a judge entered the fray.

As we gaze ahead, to a brand spankin' new year, We prefer to look on the bright side, soak in the Christmas cheer.

We have fights set up that feature young guns, So we can look forward to Radam's skill with the puns!

Let's not leave out Roast, and Fe'Roz, Isaiah, loyal readers to the core, who stuck by us during the relaunch, didn't head for the door.

This seems like the a good time, to pick the TSS Reader of the Year, You thought we'd forgot, heck no, have no fear, This guy added so much to the site, this is an easy pick, This man's way with words make him as treasured as St. Nick.

We're talking about Mr Sugar, not Bert, first name of Brown, His comments are stellar, the tops in TSS Town.

Town, what am I saying, this is TSS Universe!? We welcome one and all, as long as they don't curse!

Thanks have to go out to the publisher, the patron of this site, All hail Mr D, the Sweet Science's white knight!

And while we are spotlighting good folks, let's focus on our writers, The guys who illuminate the feats of the fighters.
We enjoyed the work this year from Avila, and Borges and of course, our man Bernie, Veterans who informed us on our fistic journey.

F-Lo's smart analysis often opened our eyes, Same goes for Springs and George, two stellar guys.
The Marksman covered Ward, and Euro Wooly the Brothers K, Murph didn't neglect what the old timers had to say.

Keenan's been MIA, but we hope he'll be back, Other guys rose up, picked up the slack.
Joe Rein weighed in, and so did John James, have I left out any other names?
Oh yes, my pal Bob Mladinich is as classy as they come, he's large and in charge, so you best not call him a bum!
And now we got Hauser, that's a heckuva get, I do believe 2011 will be the best TSS year yet!

Good guys with hard jobs helped us out, kept us steady, the top of the publicist heap sits Sternburg, I call him Fab Freddie.

Thanks all for returning my calls, and helping me out?, Even when you ignore me (cough cough Golden Boy), I give you the benefit of the doubt!

The hour grows late, there are presents to wrap, For Jess, Bella and for newbie Juliette, then I'll lay down for a nap, But before I finish up, and lay my head down,

Please accept my sincere thanks, to the best readers around!

Happy holidays, to one and all,