Sometimes the boxing gods just enjoy messing with our heads a little. Klitschkos injury was Fate taking a pass.

While cancellation of this Saturdays scheduled slug out between Deutschlands nationally adopted son Wladimir Klitschko and upstart UK challenger Dereck Chisora will disappointaround 10,000 folks who already had tix for the tilt, and may have been shaping up as a fairly entertaining scrap, it was not a majorevent on the international boxing radar.

That point was provenby reports that Klitschko management wouldre-start thenegotiation process with David Haye.

Klitschko suffered the muscle tear, but it was Chisora who took the big body blow, straight to the bank account.His only recourse seems inwhatever the contract dictates. Considering the challengers statement that he signed a lowball offer simply for the opportunity,his future against Klitschko might not amount to much.

That seems abit of a shame since Chisora was one of the few even moderately appropriate opponents that was willing to face Klitschko.

How much overall net revenue K2 Promotions stands to lose, if anything, after advertising costs are tallied each way might be substantial, but its a reasonable assumption that Chisora just watched a once in lifetime payday go poof.

Unforeseeableincident thats an unfortunate reality of the sport?Punishment for slandering Wladimirs babe?

The conspiracy theories are already lighting upboxing message boards. Chisora could be pecking away at a few postshimself.

Most of the serious training is over just a few days before a fight, observed Chisora. I was ready to prove myself and he knows it.

Theres a likelihood that Carl Froch could have proceeded against Arthur Abraham at their initially scheduled appointment, but if so, theres probably no wayhe would have been as dominant.

I did what was best for me this time, said Froch. Klitschko is doing the same. Froch may even deserve credit if the Klitschko-Haye fight gets signed, since widespread British mediaspraise of his victory over Abraham also usually included mention of how Haye should be trying to emulate his countryman.

Fighters have fought hurt all the time, and fighters have welcomedstrategical respites for just as long.

Still, Klitschko is very aware of his public persona. A big win would have raised his stock a little more, while the withdrawal supplies critics ammo.

Manny Pacquaio is the Fighter of the Year based simply on how much good PR hes done for boxing. The galas at Cowboys Stadium this seasonwerent bad either, or the praising profiles that ppeared inmany major news outlets and home pages.

Pacquiao is a hard act to follow, but of the few that qualify for the runner up position, Klitschko was near the front of the pack. Before any hating starts, make a list of other champions that were as dominant, even thought competition had already been thinned out a year earlier.

Klitschko took some blogging bleets from the critics for designating Chisora as his next opponent, after the champion was unable to secure a more recognized challenger as if Klitschko wasa homecomingking scrounging dropouts for a prom date.

Theres never been a situation similar to the Klitschkos where they have to go looking for fights because theyve already beaten everybody that would fight them andnobody else thinks they have a chance, even for the kind of payday theyll never get anywhere else. Ive never seenanything like it, said trainer Emanuel Steward.

If Haye doesnt sign, hes Lucy holding the footballto Klitschkos Charlie Brown. Chisora is stuck in the punching patch, mooning over the Great Pumpkin, once again fighting for peanuts.

If Klitschko – Haye does get signed, there will be more allegations that Klitschko took his own pass as insurance for the much bigger game.

Champs prerogative on a leapfrog to Haye or a matter of honor to honor the contract with Chisora?

Hayes history gives Chisora hope along with the announcement tickets might still be honored at a future date if the SAP Arena stars align, and a postponed option/bargaining chip for K2 in negotiation.

Boxing history says Chisora becomes a fading cry in the banished wilderness.Perhaps, if hes lucky,withthe consolation prize of amoderate profile encounter on a soccer stadium undercard.

Both the first bicycle and first automobile, built by von Drais and Benz respectively, burst out of the Mannheim area in the 1800s. Relatively young unbeaten and untested Chisora wanted to demonstrate his own innovation, but he ended up getting taken on a sad old ride.

Maybe thats because the woods around here are full of goblins and witches that love to play tricks on people, just like the German folk tales say.

What really happened to Klitschko – Chisora?

It was probably never meant to be, whether it was signed or not.