TENSE LATITUDES- Dereck Chisora is currentlyaround a six to one underdog against Wladimir Klitschkoaccording to some ofthe UK based challengershomeland internet wagering sites.

The odds are better thatsomebody is going to get spanked inside the strands at SAP arena,approximately five kilometers from the snow globe central Mannheim, GermanyChristmas Market. Its most likely thatSaturdays spankee will be Chisora, 14-0 (9),fromLondon by way of Zimbabwe, courtesy of consensus heavyweight champion Klitschko, 55-3 (49).

Its not a great idea to get eitherKlitschko or trainer Emanuel Steward upset, but to get them bothangry is downright foolhardy.

Chisora did exactly that with his prefight posturing, going into personal territory with insults that put early game faces on both Klitschko and his mentor.

As a person, he is full of garbage, snarled Klitschko at the final press conference after Chisora taunted Klitschko about boxing style, toughness and Chisoras girlfriends superiorlooks.

Chisora brought Klitschkos sweetheartHayden Panettiereinto the picture and sealed his role as a villain insulting Steward.Not thatMiss Hhasnt been cuddled up inenough fight night photographs with Wlad to qualify as part of his fair-game team already, but Chisora seemed to deliberately cross a line after Klitschko called him out for a recent assault charge involving Chisoras girlfriend.

His girlfriend is three feet tall, slammed Chisora, My girlfriend standing there and his, its totally different.

Panettierre is almost adopted boxing royalty in Germany, so the insults got plenty of promotional play.

Chisora held on to his bigopportunity when a UK court adjudicated him with a conviction that carried no jail time. Theresrarely an excuse for manhandling a female, so serious karma maycome into play. The case involved an alleged spanking. Not to make light of the situation, but his formal slapon the wrist may have beenjustified if reports were accurate about an unbrutalincident.Upon limited observation Chisora doesnt come off as a total thug as much asa hardguy who hasnt been confronted with superior firepower.

That figures to change Saturday night, big time. Chisora better hope his karma is better than it appears.

The man that hits the woman is the loser, said Klitschko sternly with a mocking tone. There is no excuse whatsoever. You call yourself a rebel? This is great. I willshowyou the road toredemption.

Klitschko does not seem to be residing in any glass houses.It seems heplans to throw boulders Saturday night. So far Chisora responds as if hes got the stones to take them.

At least Chisora seems to be ready to make it interesting, for as long as it lasts. A reasonable over/under proposition would probably be around five full rounds. Take the under.

I want him to bring the best fight hes ever got, invites Chisora. Im bringing my A game.

Even if Chisora gets creamed by the first overhand right Klitschko lands, Chisora has accomplished a lot more thancontenders likeWBA titlist David Haye, Alexander Povetkinor
former titlist Nikolai Valuev. It looks like Chisora will actually jumpat the title shot like an old time contenderand trade punches with the worlds best heavyweight the first chance he gets.

Boxing comes down to ready or not. Chisora is ready. The others are not.

Povetkin fights on Marco Hucks undercard in another week.Valuev recovers from surgery. Haye has his own private limbo.

In his last fight on September 18th, Chisora scored a TKO 9 over Sam Sexton and improved on a previous decision in the rematch. A week prior to that, Klitschko scored a TKO 10 over Sam Peter, also improving on a previous decision.The only thing comparable in terms of recent oppositionis the name Sam. As in turn out the lights.

You get experience (you need)by doing the task, said Chisora trainer Don Charles. Ironically, he was outlining Klitschkos seemingly insurmountable advantage.

Ive seen so many one sided Klitschko blowouts lately that I almost expect the exact same grind again.Since Chisora hasnt faced anywhere near the level of opposition, Im figuring it shouldnt take Klitschkomore than ten minutes for disposal. Id love to be surprised.

Unless Klitschko is slipping, forgets how to use a 7 inch reach advantageor suddenly looks a lot more vulnerable than he has for over two years, this fightshould be the kind of whomping that keeps critics from making a peep about quality of opposition.

Depending on how close Steward is to the domestic scene, he might suggest to Panettiere that she suggest to Klitschkothat Chisora is duea lesson, and that Wlad should get him out of there quick.

34 year old Klitschko has attempted to play the rowdy, aggressivebrawler but it didnt seem to fit his personality as much as it does this time.That spells trouble for 26 year old Chisora.

I dont need to motivate him far this at all, says Steward with something like amusement.

On the other hand, both Klitschko and Steward may be eying the end ofWlads fine run. We still say that the brothersshould have a huge charity co-bill retirement party in around two years. The K2 brain trust might not want to do anything that mightkeep the shyHaye,Povetkin, or Valuev, probably the biggest immediate paydays available, too reluctant.

It will look very bad if Klitschko looks shy against Chisorain any manner. Hes supposed to win big.

Sooner or later somebody is going to get inside Klitschkos jab and givehim a very tough night.