Many thought it would be the fight of the year, but Im pretty certain nobody foresaw the Paul Williams-Sergio Martinez rematch, and guessed that it would feature the KO of the year, and would be the platform for the victor to become the odds on favorite to be the BWAA fighter of the year.

Most thought wed get a thriller, that the rematch wouldnt sag under the weight of expectations, but the oddsmakers and the rank and file leaned towards Williams to get the W, in more convincing fashion than he did the first tussle.

He got the W, if the W stands for whacked. Martinez threw a left hand that separated Paul from his senses, and his his middleweight crown, in the second round. Holy sh–s, resonated in the living room of fight fans everywhere, as we all knew, from the way he went down, that Long Tall Paul wouldnt be beating a count of 30. We needed that, one of those shockers, a result nobody really saw coming, after we had that October-November slow season, and the all but expected Pacquiao manhandling of Margarito.

TSS Universe weighed in, after they picked up their jaws. There are 14 faves, in honor of Martinez, who will be starting his 14th year in the game, in 2011.

14) Anonymous user: Martinez has lost as many potential suitors as Paul has finally found. No one will rush to greet that newborn middleweight king…but plenty will suddenly appear at Pauls door.

13) Smoke: If Sergio says he can make 156 he and Pacquiao ought to tangle. Make the fight PPV and in a 100,000 plus venue, a promoters wet dream. I am real curious to see if Roach will let his fighter take on Sergio. I know fearless Manny would go for it. Oh, and did I mention that Floyd Mayweather is a bum?

12) The Roast: I agree with DaveBs comments. Feroz and others have brought this up before. LTP has never learned to fight tall. He should be Thomas Hearns but he gets down like hes from Philly. I was thinking in that first round that Paul was winning but his chin was hanging out there. Boom shock-a-laka, fight over in the second round. I have to stop underestimating Sergio from here on out. A fight with Manny would truly be PPV worthy. I think Sergio is too big for Pacman but you never know. Williams will have to start over. Hire a new trainer. Floyd will not get in the mix with these guys. He doesnt want Manny and after tonight he will stay away from Sergio.

11) RED:
In a single moment, Sergio Martinez turn himself from a dangerous, solid fighter, to the man to beat at the middleweight and an overall force to be reckoned with. Frankly, his devastating punch reminded me of the Antonio Tarver bomb that ended Roy Jones night (and aura of invincibility) at their rematch. I think those of us who have followed Sergios career enjoyed this moment so much because of a simple reason; the man deserved it. Sergio has paid his dues in boxing. He has shown that he belongs in the ring with anyone. Last night, he put an exclamation point to that statement. Like many, I picked Williams to win not because I wanted him to but because I thought he would establish a controlling jab and would keep Sergio off balance most of the fight. Ironically, I said that I would enjoy Sergio winning by brutal KO. Well, Sergio delivered. After his monster left, he kept Williams off balance for the rest of the night. Anyone that had doubts about Sergio being the real thing can now put those doubts to rest. Sergio is here to stay and now he has the highlight film to prove it.

10) The Watcher:
The Pacman will only take this fight when they (Roach) believe Sergio is finished, just like Hatton, Cotto, Goldie & Margarito. Sergio is too much for him right now & Pacman wont be around long enough for this fight to happen. He may however fight Williams cause Williams is done! Now the questions is does Sergio dominate his division or does he start picking guys that people are saying their careers are over like Pacman & start jumping divisions? WBC President Jose Sulaiman wont be around to make up fake titles at fake weight divisions for him like he did for Pacman? What to do?

9) Tonton tan: PLEASE CONSIDER AND SPREAD THE IDEAS…( copy paste it or email it to the people concerned) If the Mayweather fight does not happen, PACQUIAO should fight MARTINEZ for the middleweight title under a catchweight of 155/156lbs. This would allow Pacquiao to win his 9th title in as many divisions and his 5th lineal title in 5 divisions, another double milestone for his legacy. This is possible because we should remember that Martinez is shorter than Margarito and he already lost to him before. Pacquiao also beat Margarito weighing 165lbs (which is a supermiddleweight) when they fought. Im sure Martinez would take the deal because it would mean a lot for both fighters career. Its possible… lets push for it. Another choice if Pacquio-Mayweather or Pacquiao-Martinez would not materialize… PACQUIAO-MARQUEZ III for the LINEAL lightweight title (135lbs.) Pacquiao is a natural lightweight. This would be ideal because it would not only settle the score for both fighters but it would also make Pacquiao capture his 5th LINEAL title in 5 divisions. Another first! Take note that Pacquiao won a lightweight title before but not the LINEAL title. This would bring in interest, a classic trilogy, a mark in history and an end to all doubters… what do you guys think?

8) Truthinfinite @ Bill Major:
Solid point, the foot movement of Martinez is like no other in the middleweight division. Manny goes over 150 and hell be sluggish. The only way Manny beats Martinez is if there is a weight negotiation of a 150 pound limit. Which Martinez shouldnt have to do at this point in his career, it would be unfair and in all honesty uninteresting to see a weight drained Martinez get pummeled by Pacman. However, if the contracts are signed, no excuses.

7) Anony: SO WHERE ARE ALL OF THOSE TSS FANS who always culted Paul Williams and chorus out that he is (was) the most feared fighter in the sports??????… Pleassssseeee…. ever since Carlos Quintana won their first fight you could tell he is was vulnerable. I dont know if it is a lefty thing or style thing (Sergio and Quintana have same style) but here it is. I congratulate him though, he accepted it was a good punch and was a gentleman. But know he should drop the nobody fight me B$. Thats what annoys me about him.

6) MisterLee:
Paul was and still is a great fighter. He has and is taking on all challenges. Lets give him props for taking this fight, and campaigning between 3-4 weight classes. Its not the end for him… and big or small fights… I like good fights… Martinez vs. Pirog/Clottey… please… Floyd wont take Martinez… Martinez would be a harder fight for Floyd than Pacquiao, and that says a lot. If Floyd takes on MartinezI will eat crows including the feathers… pc!

5) Rico Mambo of Quezon City: Thats what u may call a BLIND FLUKE LEFT HOOK. Boxing just like any other sport depends on your bio-rhythm. It so happens Maravilla got the better of the trade. Paul on the other hand will surely request a rematch and it will be like a Rambo or a Terminator like of a redemption fight. Like what happened in 2008, after losing the 1st fight to Carlos Quintana, Paul knocked out El Indio in the 1st rd of the rematch of the same year. For sure BOB ARUM is on his way or already negotiating for Pacquiaos 9 division quest. Thatll be a great fight. And for sure, Bob will make him an offer Martinez cant resist. And like any other Pacman foe, theyll be making the biggest paycheck of the career. 9 million dollars (3 million + 6 million ppv)…..sign it Maravilla.

4) RED: I have serious concerns about a Pacquiao-Martinez fight. First of all, the fight would have to be made at what has become a customary catch weight bout for Manny. There are clear disadvantages for both fighters. Manny would be fighting a full blown middleweight, not a blown up welter. Martinez would have to lose weight, which as most of us know, can affect fighters quite significantly. Manny has mowed his competition at larger weights simply because of his speed. Critics argue that being bigger and presumably stronger, is no advantage when speed is lacking. Of course, that’s what makes Manny great. However, Sergio is no slouch. Sergio also has power. When we think about the fighters that Manny has conquered at larger weights, you have fighters that had strength but not one-punch lethal power, a la Manny himself or Sergio (just ask 2 folks named Hatton and Williams). Second, the risk to both fighters, as compared to the benefit, is suspect. If Manny beats another opponent at a catch-all weight, especially someone that has to come down a lot to make the pre-determined weight, his accomplishment will come under much more scrutiny. A Sergio victory will undoubtedly be looked upon as the win of a legitimately bigger fighter over a smaller one that simply tried to bite more than he could chew. The point is that the continued artificial arraignments of catch weight fights for Manny will inevitably reach a saturation point. I doubt that the general public cares. The bigger the guy Manny beats, the more accolades he receives. To a degree, he deserves every single one of those. But Max Kellerman, while acknowledging Manny’s greatness, pointed out what many have been saying for a while: Manny’s opponents have been bigger but not much more when it comes to presenting a threat. I believe, however, that Max countered his own point: Manny is a great fighter and that’s why he has handled the bigger competition. Is the catch weight plan benefiting him? Perhaps so far. But that practice should stop sooner than later. It’ll be ultimately good for Manny as well as the sport.

3) MisterLee: I dont like how people are calling Martinezs left hook, and Pacquiaos victory a fluke. Martinez was landing that shot all night, and he whooped Pauls arse the first fight hands down, and Pacquiao beat a motivated Marg who still had a cast iron chin, high volume, pressure, and 4 inches and 17 lbs advantage. Calling these victories a fluke or luck or a win over a pushover is ignorant. If you forgot, Mosley wasnt the first one to beat Marg, there were 5 other opponents before that, and if anything, Cotto softened Marg up a good deal too win or lose. Just like Mayweather, did Kosta Tszyu, Baldomir both soften Judah up for Mayweather? Did Luis Collazo, who beat Hatton first, soften him up for Mayweather? Did Cotto, Forrest, and Wright soften Mosley up for Mayweather? Take a win for a win. Did Pacquiao soften Marquez up twice for Mayweather? Did Castillo soften Mayweather? Or Chop Chop Corley? Take a win for a win, or you undermine in your head how skillful and Marvelous Martinez and Pacquiao really are. I say Mayweather would have fought Williams if he had won, but now you got Martinez, who is a harder fight, and less money than a Pacquiao fight. Mayweather gonna stay retired. Fo sho! Tss rules!!!

2) FeRoz: First of all.. props to Sergio. Great KO victory. After losing an all too close decision the first time, he came with a plan and executed his man. Never has the cry Timberrrrr been more apt. Like a long tall Georgia Pine ready for the mill, that he is, down went Paul. No matter what you thought of the young man…and we all know Radam has been on this since day one….he comes to fight. Not uniquely skilled however, given his time and experience in the ring. If ever a man needed a new trainer and regime, its PW. Peterson had/has taken him as far as he knew/knows how. Its unfortunate that he has not made a single fundamental adjustment in his last three fights. As for the Champion Martinez, he put to bed all the nonsense….most often used to attack Pacquiao…about catchweights. Too clever to be pinned down, Sergio said he would wait to hear what is out there and weigh his options. No sooner did he say those words than he volunteered to fight next at 156! You all heard it. With the microphone in his face and the world watching, Sergio the professional prize fighter said that for the right fight, he would proffer to weigh in at 156…a catchweight. Because Sergio is mature enough to know that if you want to make matches that people want to make them where you want and need to weigh. With all of the absurd trinkets being handed out, titles mean virtually nothing today. Good matches and good fights do. Oh, and good victories. That gentlemen is how it rolls. The man with the bigger draw has the most leverage. How do you get the bigger draw? You fight lots of thrilling fights. Not against mandatory stiffs from some sanctioning body…but against other top flight fighters. If there is a weight discrepancy that is fungible, then two reasonable men can make the decision to work out a happy medium. Better that than fighting some unknown who paid sanctioning fees for a rating no one gives a sh-t about (Pardon my French). Fans want fights. Entertaining ones. Martinez and Williams are top P4P fighters. They fought a re-match at a catchweight. Did it matter? Ask Paul, the man who capped his opponents weight. Did everyone here and elsewhere cry catchweight last night? NO. Because it was not a great little man this time. It was two ordinary champions. Double standards are a bitch….so lets leave them aside. And hope for great matches. All that said, I dont think Manny should be fighting Sergio. Radam may very well be right…but after battling and battering a much bigger Margarito, I thought I saw a much more extended Manny. And why not. With the exception of one fight (SSM) Margarito was a fierce competitor. Through three rounds…or until Mannys sharpshooting power busted his orbital, Margarito was smiling. Just like he did against lesser men who broke under the pressure. Like Antonio, Sergio is an endurance fighter. Last night was an exception. KOs of that sort come when they come. That is not SMs stock and trade. Stamina and strength combine with slick crafty fighting is what wins Sergio fights. He is naturally bigger than all top welterweights. If he wants the money, he can listen and decide what and who to fight next …come what Weight. Thats his prerogative. Hes the champ.

1) Brownsugar, still in mourning: Shockingly sweet victory for Martinez… Instead of a wild celebration by the audience with announcers screaming over the top of one another in jubilation, it was like somebody turned off the light switch at a New Years Eve party. Max was looking around as if he was trying to locate the sniper who shot Paul from the cheap seats. Emmanuel Stewart looked like he was ready to apologize to the HBO audience for the fight not going 12 hard rounds…Only Maravilla and his team seemed to be happy with his work. Martinez made the fight look closer than it as he weathered Pauls windmilling offense in order to get closer like he said he would so he could land that perfect merciless counter. I feel bad for Paul, I gave him my sympathy vote and reasoned that Martinez would try to blitz him early, but never did envision a 2 round blowout. I may have to schedule a couple of visits to my psychoanalyst to overcome my grief. Hopefully Williams can overcome and become as resilient as Hearns was who suffered many KO defeats but kept on coming back to beat good boxers. He could also learn to box while hes reassessing his options. Just Say No to Pac vs Martinez., theres too much of a bone and muscle mass barrier for Pac to traverse. A natural 140 pounder vs a natural and talented 180 pounder would be so unamerican. Let the shot Margarito earn a shot at the middleweight and junior middleweight titles. He never deserved his last payday. However, Cotto vs Margarito would be a perfect fit. And no, Mayweather dont want none! Maravilla deserves the honors and praise, but I doubt that hell survive a defense against Pirog, or Gennady Golovkin (too much ability). A fight with Martinez and Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam would be a straight up FOTY candidate; both guys love to box, move, and set up crushing counters.. Hopefully hell take Sturms belt in a much deserved breather. Sure, Martinez could fight a stream of unknown goons that the sanctioning bodies of boxing always seems to have on tap for mandatory defenses, but I have a feeling that Martinez will be much more selective. Bravo Maravilla! Boxing is starting to look like a real sport again.