No, the fights with Juan Manuel Marquez didnt make the cut, Manny Pacquiao said at the post-fight press conference after his latest stellar performance, a UD12 win over Antonio Margarito.

This is the hardest fight in my boxing career, he said. Margarito is really tough and strong. Hes really strong, really big, bigger than me.

He was asked about Juan Manuel Marquez, and he said it is his promoters job to find an opponent.

He fielded a question about the sixth round, when he took a body shot. He got me a good shot a body shot…Im lucky to survive the round, he said.

After the second, then the third round, he said, he pretty much knew he had the fight in the bag. Hes a really tough fighter and he has a brave heart, Pacquiao said.

In the ninth and tenth round, Manny said, he felt pity for Margarito, because his eyes were almost closed. He said he tried to kayo him late, but he has a brave heart..amazing.

Manny said he didnt want to talk about Floyd Mayweather, leaving that to Bob Arum, when asked if he had any words for Mayweather, if he was watching.

He apologized that he wouldnt be able to sign autographs, because his hands were so swollen.

Freddie Roach spoke before Manny. He said he was really happy, and that Margarito showed a lot of heart. He thought Manny won every round but one. He was asked about Manny vs Sugar Ray Leonard. Freddie said he thought Manny would have the power edge.

Mannys mother had an anxiety attack Saturday night, but is perfectly fine, according to Arum.


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