I was fortunate enough to get 20 minutes on the phone with Manny Pacquiao before he left the Philippines to finish training camp in the States. I fired some Earnie Shaveresque queries at the Congressman, culled from message boards, and in typical fashion, he answered them with grace, humility and agility.

Heres a taste…

Q) Manny has never faced a beast like Margarito! I dont get how anyone can think that this fight will be a walk in the park. — from Top Ranks Facebook feed

Pacquiao: Margarito is my strongest opponent to date. But theyve said this numerous times with past opponents: Hes bigger, hes stronger. It was the same result every time.

Q) Is it true that Pacquiao is a professional singer? I heard rumors that Manny sings, but a pro singer — is it true? — Posted on answers.yahoo.com

Pacquiao: I have two albums in the Philippines, and they both went platinum. Am I a better boxer or singer? I think fighter; I went platinum two times, but Im seven times a world champion.

Q) Dont get me wrong. Im a Pacquiao fan for life! But his training sucks! Too many distractions. — From PhilBoxing.com message board

Pacquiao: People say I shouldnt play basketball, but I play as part of getting ready for my fights. I dont go to parties. I practice my singing, and they think its a party. My team is good and solid. It starts with the strategy from the master, my coach, Freddie Roach. I do not have too many distractions.

Q) This is my opinion, if a boxer like Pacman goes into UFC, he has a chance to knock down the UFC fighter. He can knock down his opponent with gloves, what more can he do if he doesnt have big gloves on? Posted on nowboxing.com
Pacquiao: No, Im a boxer one hundred percent. I love the sport of boxing. I like MMA, but its not something Im interested in for myself. Im a fan.

Q) The man continues to amaze. I hope he is prepared for what lies ahead, the world of politics can make the back room deals and shady morals of boxing look downright civil. Posted on Queensbury-Rules.com

Pacquiao: The current state of politics in the Phillipines is corrupt. Thats why Im in it, to create change. But it wont be a distraction for me, to help people is never a distraction. We are in recess now, and all the Congress will watch my fight.

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