The worlds best fighter, a Congressman..AND blessed with vocal chords of gold.

Can Manny Pacquiao be any more blessed?

Viewers tuning in to The Jimmy Kimmel Show were treated to the dulcet tones of the seven division world champion Pacquiao showing his vocal chops, as he belted out John Lennons Imagine on Monday night.

First, Pacquiao chatted with Kimmel, who drew guffaws when he showed a pic of Manny yawning enthusiastically during his first Congressional session. Manny giggled.

The fighter said he wasnt in session, because Congress is on break. He told viewers that he a fellow public servant introduced a bill to give Freddie Roach citizenship. Kimmel lobbied for the same, and Manny said maybe.

Kimmel said Margarito would hammer Margarito, and labeled him a cheater. Roach will watch the wrapping to make sure Margarito wont be pulling any funny business, Manny told Jimmy.

Manny showed his cologne, which Kimmel said smells like a fist, and is called MP 7. The manufacturer is working on number 8. (ASIDE TO THE MISSUS: This would make a fab stocking stuffer. Ive always wanted to smell like Pacman.)

Manny said he feels strong and confident about the fight.

He then did what we all tuned in for, belt. Pacquiao sat next to funnyman Will Ferrell, and handled the second verse after Ferrell kicked it off. Imagine theres no country/It isnt hard to do/Nothing to kill or die for/No religion too, sang the God fearing hitter. Imagine all the people/Living life in peace…Ohhhohhhh, he sang, hitting the high note with precision.

They stared into each others eyes, a la John and Yoko, and one could feel the love Lennon imagined. I do believe Manny has found himself a new signature song. Sorry, Dan Hill….