Montrealer David “Lemme At ‘Im Lemieux lived up to the nickname I just slapped on him, as he slapped around onetime prospect/contender Hector Camacho Jr., stopping the son of a legend with one second to go in the first round at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Friday evening.

Lemieux (5-10; 159.6) retains the WBC International middleweight belt, and ups his record to 24-0, while Camacho (5-8; 159 pounds) slips to 52-41.

A right followed by a left hook behind the head hurt Junior, age 32, in the middle of round one of a bout which ran on ESPN3. Buzzed in a bad way, Camacho backed straight up, and neglected to dance to clear his head, or hold on with enough stubbornness to buy time. Another right, right on the kisser, finished off the rickety underdog. This was the second time he’s been stopped; Andrey Tsurkan did it in 2006. He did his best to rise, but was just too fogged. In his corner, after a minute or so, he gained his senses, and was informed that the fight was over. He was taken aback, and protested.

A pro since 1996, he might do well to consider his out of the ring options. His dedication has been questionable to this point, and now his chin could be as iffy.

At just 21 years of age, Lemieux is on the short list of guys who figure to get bumped up to marquee status, right quick. He looks to do damage, and is a rarity, a Caucasian from North America who has some talent and desire. This was his fourth win, and third KO, in 2010, so in this day and age, he qualifies as busy, too.