Attention, Budding Pugilists In The Brockton-Boston Area

TSS is relaying a message to every two-fisted teenager in the Brockton-Boston area: “DREAM BIG.

The Nonpareil Hilario, a boxing trainer out of Brockton Massachusetts, is about to embark on something that is as patriotic as it is passionate. He wants to recruit, develop, train, and organize aspiring amateur boxers in time to compete in the 2015 Olympic Qualifiers.

Hilario has worked with the renowned Al Certo in New Jersey, Buddy McGirt in Florida, and the late John Bonner –a graduate of Stillman’s Gym who forgot more tricks than Bernard Hopkins ever knew. Hilario currently trains his son Turon (now an undefeated amateur prospect) and is looking to expand operations.

He is an unusual trainer. He has studied boxing –its history as well as technique since his own fighting days that began in his early adolescence.

The Nonpareil Hilario just may be the best untapped talent in the training ranks.

It’s no secret that American fighters have slipped. We won 18 gold medals in boxing from 1964 to 1984. Since 1984, we’ve taken a paltry 6. The problem, asserts Hilario, is at the root. Many young fighters “don’t have an adaptable, scientific, problem-solving pedigree. It’s ‘hit me and I’ll hit you back.’ He plans on building a concrete foundation by emphasizing fundamentals from the cradle to the crown. “Fighters today are allowed train on their own for the most part and are creating bad muscle memory habits that are difficult to correct, he asserts, “this brand may go far against like-minded fighters but they ultimately fail in the amateur or pros.

Like houses built on a beach, they fall down too soon.

Hilario’s stable will practice under his watchful eye at the Petronelli Brothers Gym –Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s old stomping ground. Hilario will cultivate good habits and motivate his students until they develop into technicians –confident technicians with answers. “Ultimately, Hilario believes, “the boxers confidence is in his tools. His tools will be his immovable reservoir of strength and hope to solve questions and styles.

Young men thirteen and up in the Brockton-Boston area, from featherweight to super heavyweight, with or without boxing experience, are invited to contact Hilario. Those with athletic prowess, anger-management issues, or heavy hands are encouraged as long as they can accept that they’ll need more for real success. All potential recruits are encouraged to reflect on two questions before walking up the vaunted stairs of the legendary Petronelli Gym…

Do I have the character to make a life-changing commitment to the toughest sport on the planet?

How big are my dreams?


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Contact Hilario at 508-897-0649 with any questions.

The Petronelli Brothers Gym is located at:

28 Petronelli Way

Brockton, MA 02401