Last time, he had a scant three weeks to prepare for Sergio Martinez, a mobile lefty, after training to fight the more flat-footed righty Kelly Pavlik. This time, Paul Williams and his team says, he will be fully prepared for Martinez, and the rematch will not be so close.

On a Wednesday conference call to hype the Nov. 20 rematch, which will unfold in Atlantic City and be shown on HBO, Williams said that he will lay a beating on Martinez, and promised a win, by KO or decision. He and trainer George Peterson dont think that the Williams win last December, by a majority call, was too controversial.

The fighter said that he is amped that he might well be in the mix for a Manny Pacquiao date, at 147, not middleweight/158 catchweight, which the rematch is contracted for. Im going to put a real beating on him this time, Williams said. If the KO comes it comes. (A fight with Pacquiao) is more motivation for a good show. But I dont want to hurt him that bad. Its nothing personal, its business.

Peterson said hes not overly impressed with Martinez, calling him a basic fighter. He expects the 35 year-old Martinez (45-2-2 with 24 KOs), who he called an old man, to run, and said the 29-year-old Williams (39-1 with 27 KOs) will chase him down, and punish him. In the first bout, the trainer said, most of the time he ran.

Promoter Dan Goossen called out Manny Pacquiao and Bob Arum for not making a match with a young gun, and implied that Antonio Margarito is retread, and not the best available contender. I see it changing in 2011, said Goossen. Paul is following in the footsteps of Marvin Hagler, what he had to go through. Goossen says Williams will emerge as the number one pound for pound guy on November 20th, and that includes Floyd and Manny.

The catchweight aspect of this fight was discussed heavily. Gabe Montoya of Maxboxing wondered why it was necessary to ask Martinez to come in at 158, or less. Goossen said this was because Williams is basically naturally a 147 pounder–he last fought at welter in June 2008– and his guy has given up a weight advantage too many times. Peterson bristled at the question, wondering what the big deal is about two pounds, and asked why Bernard Hopkins wasnt asked the same question. Williams said he didnt care what Martinez weighs. Peterson pointed out that Williams has to work to keep weight on, which bolsters Goossens thesis.

TSS U, Team Williams makes a great point that this time, he has plenty of time to prep for the ultra mobile Martinez. Could this tip the odds in his favor for this anticipated rematch?