With HBO producing, and Liev Schrieber narrating, a 24/7 spotlighting me would be engaging, evocative, poignant and dramatic. They could make the bland grand, turning my rather pedestrian existence into something majestic.

Editor Mike changes Juliettes diaper, deftly using a moist wipe to make certain that his most precious offspring is clean, and for the time being, serene. He stands over her a contrast in size, and a stranger might see his bald dome and hulking form, and register surprise as he makes goo goo sounds, and grins goofily, in an attempt to make the newborn smile. She does, and gurgles, and Editor Mike scoops her up, tenderly, and hands her off to his wife, Jessica. Because The Sweet Science needs his attention, because TSS Universe demands new content. If they dont get, they get as cranky as Juliette, protesting her soiled diaper.

Please read that last bit in Schriebers voice, and add some soundtrack music of your choice to juice it up…

HBOs latest 24/7 takes a comprehensive look at the two principals in the November 13th junior middleweight clash pitting Manny Pacquiao against Antonio Margarito. The first installment ran Saturday, and we got a look at Pacquiao in the political ring, as Congressman. Thats my dream, to serve people. I want to help them, because I know what theyre feeling. I know the feeling of being nothing in life, says the seven division champion, who is gunning for a title in an eighth class. The Congressman has taken leave from the current session to train for his fight, and we hear that he gets constant updates from aides.

Is it possible, we wonder, is the man spreading himself too thin? Will he leave the sweet science to put more emphasis on politics?

Freddie Roach admits that he worries some when Manny talks about missing his job and he reminds the fighting pol that boxing is his number one vocation.

Viewers see in contrast that Antonio Margarito, referred to as a disgraced ex champion, is fully on message, looking to shore up his rep, tainted by his hand wrap flap. He tells viewers that he didnt know what was in his wraps as he waited to face off with Shane Mosley. Most folks find that hard to believe, but well likely get as much closure on this as we have on the JFK assassination. Margarito, in street clothes, tells us that he grilled trainer Javier Capetillo, asking him about the hardened wraps, and wondered why ingredients for plaster of Paris were found on the confiscated pads. His co-manager Sergio Diaz tells us Tony was depressed as he sat out for 16 months, after California pulled his license. Ill prove to the whole boxing world that I can win and Im back, Margarito said.

Roach and Pacman both tell viewers that they are sure Margarito knew. Its common sense, Pacquiao says.

We have to give him a chance to recover his career, says the benevolent Filipino.

Moving on, we see Mannys advisor Michael Koncz say that Team Pacquiao did compromise on the issue of drug testing while negotiating with Team Mayweather for a superfight, to a point. We pretty much agreed to anything on the drug testing, except not within seven days, Koncz says. Wed heard before that Manny had agreed to be tested at any time, no constraints, so there ya go…

Margarito doesnt look like a man holding on to a sick secret, a toxic knowledge that drains his energy. His dimples are on display, and his team seems confident that hell get it done against Manny. Trainer Robert Garcia says he accepted the job training Margarito after accepting Margaritos explanation about the wraps.

We hear that hed had to drop 35 pounds in a seven week camp to get ready for Mosley, but we see him weighing 158 for a fight which is set for 150 max, or less. Team Margarito had battled for a few pounds more, but they hold little leverage, and lost this skirmish.

Footage is shown of Coach Roach in the Philippines, as schoolgirls giggle like its Paul McCartney and 1964.

Footage of Pacquiao sparring is offered. Glenn Tapia and Michael Medina are in to approximate Margarito. Pacquiaos timing is off, and we see him getting whacked around some. In Roachs view, training is slightly behind schedule, we hear, ominously, and add to that a balky left heel, which keeps Manny from doing all his roadwork. Also, the politics thing is worrying Freddie slightly.

Much ado about nothing much? Storylines to pad the show? Or legitimate points of worry? We shall see come Nov. 13. EM leans toward the search for storylines theory…

Margaritos wife of 12 years, Michelle, says that the wrapflap has been tough on them. But she stood by her guy, we see.

Garcia smacks Margs belly with a stick for three minutes, a Signapore special of sorts, and EM wonders if he can last three..seconds, that is…

I am left giving Margarito more of a chance at toppling Manny, which is, I believe, the point of the show. I feel powerful, I feel good about knocking him out, the comebacking Californian says.

Part 2 premieres next Saturday.

What about you, TSS U? Did this installment leave you thinking Margarito has a solid chance at the upset?