Toronto, ONT (October 19, 2010)… Au revoir to Canada as Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins finished up a three-city tour of the country hosting press conferences in Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto to promote their December 18 WBC and Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight World Championship at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City, live in Canada on pay-per-view and on SHOWTIME® in the United States. The current champion Pascal and the seasoned veteran Hopkins exchanged verbal blows at each stop. Accompanied by Golden Boy Promotions President Oscar de la Hoya and GYM President/GM Yvon Michel, the fighters will travel to New York City tonight to host their final press conference and only U.S. appearance at Planet Hollywood in Times Square tomorrow, Wednesday, October 20 at 12 p.m. ET. Here is a small sample of quotes and photos from the Canadian tour.


I understand that this fight is win or go home for me. Theres really no tomorrow for me…unless I take this fight and I take it impressively and I take it aggressively. My career ends (if I lose). People will be calling for my head.

Pascal is the guy to beat right now and my motivation to accept his challenge is to show that he is just borrowing that title.

At 35, people thought I was old and then I beat Felix Trinidad. Ive been blessed to fight so long. It says something for me to be able to stand at a podium and speak articulately.

Im the teacher. Im going to take the student and give him an apple. And then, hes going to be humble. Hes confident, but when the bell rings, thats when Im at my best. I know hes serious. You think Im coming for the payday, but Im doing okay (financially). This is going to be a blueprint for understanding that lifes not over at 40. For all the old guys out there, Im your motivation and breath of fresh air … your inspiration.

I expect an all-out gunslingers fight. Hell be told to jump on me. Why? Because Im old. But Ive seen every style in 23 years. The fight will change as soon as he says oops. You cant train for the unknown.


I went to high school and I had great grades. I went to college and I have my diploma. What I know about you is youre dangerous and youre deadly but youre dirty. Thats three Ds, so you failed the class.

Its a very important fight for me. Bernard Hopkins said he made history, thats in the past tense. Im going to make history on Dec. 18.

I dont see a legend in the ring. I see a piece of meat, and Im a hungry dog. This is my time. I belong with the elite boxers. To be the best in the world, you have to face the best. Bernard Hopkins is a legend.


Its discipline and dedication – when you have those as a combination theres really no limit to what you can do inside that squared circle. Bernard Hopkins doesnt drink or smoke and he trains every day. Hes a machine and thats why he keeps on fighting and is still on top of his game.

Styles make fights. When Hopkins fought Roy Jones Jr. it was a terrible style for him because Jones is a difficult, crafty boxer who is not going to make you look good. But when you have a fighter like Jean Pascal, who is going to attack and throw every punch with full force, Hopkins will be able to use his experience and be crafty inside the ring. Its going to be interesting – can the young lion beat the veteran?


This is a great opportunity for Jean Pascal to make a name for himself and put him in the elite class of fighters. Bernard Hopkins is a great fighter and for someone like Jean Pascal, to have this opportunity to fight him means a lot for Jean Pascal and also for Canada.

The title of the fight is Dynasty as is this about creating a new one for Jean Pascal or continuing one for Bernard Hopkins. Jean is a hungry young champion who wants to prove he is the real deal who is going to have to use his heart and energy to go up against a legend. This is going to be an incredible fight.

We are happy to have the fight in the beautiful city of Quebec. The fight is going to be very popular and we expect it to sell out immediately when the tickets on sale. We will have a great night of boxing for everyone in the arena and watching throughout Canada and the United States.