Shannon Briggs looks like hes been in a car crash, his promoter Greg Cohen told TSS, but he has not suffered any brain trauma, any hemorrhage, even a concussion, and his life is not in danger after absorbing loads of punishment in 12 rounds of combat with Vitali Klitschko on Saturday night in Hamburg, Germany. reported that Briggs (51-6) was reportedly in critical condition, that he suffered a concussion, and that doctors feared he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. But promoter Cohen, in Germany, told me that Briggs is conscious, and while he will be in the hospital as long as a week, it will be to perform surgeries on his left arm. He suffered a torn left bicep and tendon in the arm, as well as a broken eye socket and nose. But he never lost consciousness, didnt black out, and left the O2 arena on his own to feet, to get transported to the hospital in an ambulance. He was attended to in the intensive care unit.

He has two catscans, both were normal, Cohen said. He was dehydrated in the dressing room, and he buckled, but he didnt collapse, said Cohen of the soon to be 39-year-old old Florida resident who lost a unanimous decision and took a wicked pounding on the way. One hundred percent, there is no brain injury. He had one catscan and then another six hours later.

Cohen said he wanted the fight stopped, after the eighth and ninth rounds, but Briggs kept telling trainers Herman Caicedo and Eddie Mustafa Muhammad that he wanted to go on. If it was my decision, I would have stopped it. But Shannon talked about this before the fight. He told the guys, Do not stop the f—–g fight. I will kill you.

Briggs pulled a shocker KO victory out of his dreads in a WBO title fight with Sergei Liakhovich in 2006, in the 12th round, so he figured maybe the lightning could strike twice. He never lost his will, Cohen said. He was throwing back, and he had a history of winning in the last round. I dont fault the corner, or anyone. The ref did a magnificent job.

We are so happy at TSS to set the record straight. We do hope that he will take this situation as a sign, and hang up the gloves. Shannon is an engaging personality and we have no doubt he can parlay that into a meaningful second act post pugilism.