Quotes from Andre Berto, Celestino Caballero, Freddy Hernandez and Jason Litzau regarding their November 27 Bouts

Andre Berto: Freddy Hernandez is astrong fighterand this fight on November 27th will be a good test for me to close the year.I plan on putting on a good show and hope thatmy performance on November 27 will set up abig 2011 for me and the mega-fights that Ive been wanting and that everyone wants to see me in.

Freddy Hernandez: Ive worked nine long years to get a shot at a world title and I have every intention to make the most of it. I consider Andre Berto to be the true welterweight champion of the worldand a top-10 pound for pound fighter. This is the fight I have wanted more than anything.

Celestino Caballero: “This is a great opportunity for me. Nobody at featherweight wants to fight me, so I will face a great boxer like Litzau at super featherweight. I hope to give an excellent performance and to win.

Jason Litzau: “Caballero’s been a great champion, but he’s moving up two weight classes. He’s as tall, or even taller than I am, but I’m used to fighting at this weight and even higher. He’ll find that someone his size, who can box and punch, could be quite a different game. I’ll be well prepared to meet any challenge that he comes with.

Lou DiBella: “Andre Berto and Celestino Caballero are two of the best fighters in the world. Berto must get past a rugged and dangerous Freddy Hernandez. With only one split decision loss on his record, Freddy is not used to losing. Berto must prevail to walk into the big fights he needs and desires. Caballero is the most avoided featherweight in the world, which is why he is fighting at 130 lbs. versus Jason Litzau. With another strong performance, JuanMa Marquez and Gamboa can run, but they won’t be able to hide any longer.

Hernandez Promoter Gary Shaw: Freddy Hernandez is known as El Riel (The Rail), but come November 27, Andre Berto will be calling Freddy, El Tercer Riel (The Third Rail), because when he touches Freddys right, hell get the shock of his life. And if Berto has any doubt about that, just ask former world champions DeMarcus Corley and Mike Achondo, who were electrified stiff inside five rounds in Freddys last two fights.

Litzau Promoter John Wirt: Jason and his team are excited for this opportunity. Many people wrote Jason off for his fight with Rocky Jaurez, but he proved them wrong. Pelenchin is a great champion, but hes moving up two weight classes within about a year and that is a huge risk against somebody with Jasons credentials. Jason can fight, and he can take a punch, and I suspect that of the three fights on Nov. 27, this is the one that you dont want to miss.