After Shane Mosley was thoroughly thrashed by Floyd Mayweather in his last outing, save for a second round glimmer of hope when he wobbled Mayweather, he contemplated, in the way all aging athletes do, his place in the sport.

Maybe, he thought, it is time to hang em up. But he dismissed this reaction to the loss.

If me and Mayweather fight again, he told a writer from The New Yorker, it would be a different fight. If I catch Floyd, this time, I will finish him.

If only, Mosley told the writer, my neck hadnt stiffened up on me, as a result of Mayweather leaning in to me just so; if only, he said, my muscles hadnt tightened up as the rounds progressed.

Who am I to break it to Shane, a thoroughly valiant warrior who by and large has represented the sport capably and with class, save for his mucking about with performance enhancers, and his clumsy handling as he tried to rebut the charge that he cheated, that the symptoms he describes are as a result of aging?

Not that it got so much attention, as it typically doesnt once you are of a certain age, but Mosley turned 39 on September 7. One doesnt so much celebrate ones 39th birthday when one is a fighter, unless one is Randy Couture, or Bernard Hopkins, as you sweep it under the rug. You pretend it doesnt exist, like a surprise letter from the IRS.

We saw, us dispassionate viewers who dont have any skin in the game, that Mosley looked his age on May 1 against Floyd. And I speak for myself, I think it is a distinct possibility that Mosley will be cursing the cake and candles, feeling every second of those 39 years on Saturday night against the 29-year-old Sergio Mora, who I expect to jab, stick, and move move move his way to a tight decision win at the Staples Center. Mora, with only six KOs in 22 wins, to go with a lone loss, to Vernon Forrest in their rematch, wont run away with it. Those who said Mosley (46-6 with 39 KOs) should hang em up when they saw how much trouble he had with Floyd didnt give Money enough credit for being a maestro. I see the rounds being tight, tough to score. Really, this ones a coin flip for me.

How do you see it, yall? Think the old un has another run in him? Think his showing against Mayweather came from overtraining perhaps? Think Moras cerebral style, his discipline in sticking to a gameplan that works for him, even if it isnt too fan friendly, will reward him with the signature win of his career on Saturday?

Who ya like, yall?