Vivian ?Vicious? Harris seems to have been around when Sugar Ray Leonard was fighting but he?s only 32.

Old or not, Harris faces the guy who beat the guy who beat him and others on Saturday at the Staples Center. Vicious Victor Ortiz (27-2-1, 22 KOs) will be waiting to greet him. The Golden Boy Promotions card will be televised on HBO pay-per-view.

The last time Harris stepped in the ring he was sent out by knockout against Argentina?s Lucas Matthysse. But that?s no embarrassment. The Argentine strongboy has sent many others into unconsciousness and stands poised to meet Zab Judah.

Harris knows the fight game and promises only one fighter named ?Vicious? will remain standing.

?On September 18th the one Vicious is going to stand up and thats going to be me,? said Harris (29-4-1, 19 KOs), who is native to Guyana. ?I dont think there is anyone going to stop me, especially Victor Ortiz. You know what I mean? Hes a great young fighter coming up, but I think that he has a lot of doubts when it comes to himself.?

That?s a great point Harris makes.

The last time Ortiz fought at the Staples Center he was trading massive bombs with Argentina?s human Howitzer Marcos Maidana. In a firefight that saw action for six rounds there were five knockdowns. Though Maidana went down three times he was the victor over Ortiz who told the referee he wanted no more. That decision by Ortiz has made him vulnerable to criticism that persists today.

?I kind of find that a little funny, but to each his own. Everyone has their own opinion, but Im comfortable with me and I know what Im capable of doing,? said Ortiz during a conference call.

Since that loss Ortiz racked up wins against Antonio Diaz, Hector Alatorre and Nate Campbell. It irks him and makes him eager to prove yet again he?s ready for a world title match.

?That definitely would be a good thing to look at, but as of right now Im looking at just Vivian. Vivian is a great fighter. Hes a world champion for a reason and I cant look past him. Hes definitely dangerous,? said Ortiz.

Harris, who first won a world title in 2002 against Diosbelys Hurtado, has been involved in world title fights or bids ever since. But that?s not his goal.

?I was champion of the world already. My goal is just to win the fight, just keep winning my fights and wherever it leads me, it leads me,? Harris said.

Smart guy.

?One Vicious must go? Matter of fact,? says Ortiz. ?Ill be there September 18th and well have a nice little dance.?

Saul Alvarez vs. Carlos Baldomir

Two other fighters who will be at Staples Center are Mexico?s immensely popular Saul ?Canelo? Alvarez (33-0-1, 25 KOs) and Argentina?s former world champion Carlos Baldomir (45-12-6, 14 KOs).

?It?s an honor for me to be fighting Carlos Baldomir,? said Alvarez.

For those of you who don?t know anything about Alvarez he?s a red-headed kid who looks like he was ripped out of an Archie comic book. With his red freckles, fire red hair and easy-going demeanor the kid called ?Canelo? has been a sensation deep in Mexico.

Alvarez has three other brothers who fight but so far none have been able to match what he brings to a fight: strength, stamina, determination, timing and did I say strength?

Not blessed with speed, the boxer from Guadalajara has excellent timing and decent defensive skills that enable him to pick up wins against quicksilvers like Larry Mosley, Jose Miguel Cotto and iron-chinned Luciano Cuello. The interesting thing about Cuello is he gave the other Mexican youngster Julio Cesar Chavez a real battle for 10 rounds in Tijuana in March 2009. Against Alvarez the Argentine was dropped twice before eventually getting stopped in the sixth.

Alvarez, who just turned 20, against Chavez in a junior middleweight fight would be a mega fight in Mexico. But it will probably never happen since Top Rank that handles Chavez and Golden Boy that handles Alvarez are not doing business together and peace is not on the horizon. That?s boxing.

Next up for Alvarez is experienced veteran Baldomir who says ?he?ll knock the freckles off of Canelo.?

Baldomir, whose wins over Arturo Gatti and Zab Judah grabbed him the welterweight title in 2006 and a mega fight with Floyd Mayweather at the end of that year, has been virtually in limbo looking for one more big payday.

?Im so hungry. Ive always been quiet before fights, but this time I feel so motivated and hungry for the bigger fights that Im talking a little bit this time,? said Baldomir. ?I think personally that hes a little fragile and Im going to test him.?

In Alvarez?s fight against Cotto he was wobbled by the Puerto Rican but regained his footing and eventually stopped the veteran in the ninth round last May. Critics point to that wobble as a weakness.

?It was the first time ever in my career that I got hurt. It got very complicated there, but I took my time and I was able to box and do what I had to do to become victorious,?

Alvarez says. ?Every opponent Ive faced has said that theyre going to knock me out and once we get up in the ring its just words.?

Harris, Ortiz, Alvarez and Baldomir will find out Saturday who?s full of words and who?s full of fight.