LOCAL LEGEND LAND – Once upon a time there were two boxingbrothers who became globally glovedcitizens and found themselves lost amidst the tall forest legends of past heavyweight greats. As they made their way behind the footsteps of true giants, the brothers heard piercing, protesting shrieksfrom the underbrush. No one kept up with the brothers for many, many rounds now and theirs was often a lonely journey as a cold, bitterwind blew through therankings.

But the brothers, as in Klitschko, persevered andthrough years of hard training and natural blessings built a record of excellence.And they saw the horizon of greatness.

The moral of that story is thatathird time in the ring againstone of theKlitschko boys figures to hold little charmfor the USAs Nigerian transplanted heavyweight contender Samuel Peter, who meets consensus champion Wladimir in Frankfurt, a fascinating realm where the Brothers Grimm collected folk tales and built a kingdom of childrens cautionary tales and fantasy.

Many criticsact likeany mention of quality conking in theextra-large divisionis a fairy tale.Indeed, potential punchouts in too many of either Klitschko brothers recent bouts have taken observers on a Pied Piper stroll from slugfest sugarplum visions into thedull, murky waters of one-sided slogs in which opponents either crumble or give up.Thats not the Klitschkos fault but it is theirpromotional problem.

The lack of fresh, mauling meat meant a rematch for Peter, who seems faded but stayed busy enough to keep a moderate overallranking and had the three knockdowns against Klitschko in their first fight that served as good promotional points.

Still, unless Klitschko, who has done well in rematches,suffers from some reversal of fortune jinx or gets too cockyit figures to be an easier night for him than the firstfight when he took a unanimous decision despitethe trifecta dumping. All he has to do is follow brother Vitalis example and keep some sort of lead in Peters mug.

Wladimirs much improved jab and overall offensive technique should bethe bigstory here.

Its more likely that Peter will be busted up or broken down into a TKO than it is hell getsplattered for a ten count, but its got to be at least 5 to 1 odds against him going the Deutschland distance.

A respectable effort loss wont hurt Peters status, but if he looks like he did against Vitali this could be his last A level appearance.

A respectable effort win wont help Klitschkos status. He needs to look much better than he did last time against Peter, and he needs to be more aggressive than he was in his last fight against Eddie Chambersif the haters are to be silenced.

Many traveling testimonials consider Frankfurt to be the most Americanized type city, with the German skyline that most resembles iconic city silhouettes of Manhattan. Perhaps no man is anisland anywhere, but once the bell rings for the main event,Klitschko and Peter will definitely be alone inside the strands.

Its likely that between their initial 12 round encounter and subsequent sparring and video reviews, the contestants probably know each other a little too well for Peters good on Saturday.

Theevil step-mother of all one-sided battles could make the scorecards a snow whitewash that turns Peter into a dwarf named Punchy.

Critics try topoint out that similar toa plotline in Sleeping Beauty, the fight will be probably be meaninglessenough todump observers into a snoring dreamland.

Its more likely that strong, willing but inconsistentPeter, the latest Cinderella man,will give it his best shot but find himself in some stage of hopefully harmless unconsciousness before the final frame.

If Klitschko scores a knockout without looking too wary of Peters strength,a larger than life Rumpelstiltskinreinforces his good name and spins gold from those some proclaim straw dogs.

Peter could be one high overhand hook away from A Frog Prince kiss of further fame and fortune, but very probably not.


The heavyweight forest may not seem so deep and daunting but the reigning wolf at the head of the pack is big and bad, and we didnt make that up.

Klitschko KO 8. May everyone live happily ever after.


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