SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Floyd went on Ustream Friday night, and said he was sorry for his remarks earlier in the week.

I do want to apologize for the other night, said Mayweather. A lot of people were saying I made racist comments but anybody that knows me knows that I dont have a racist bone in my body… I have nothing but love in my heart… Anybody affected by what I said I apologize as a man. [I was] just having fun I didnt mean it.

Solid, in my eyes. Not sure if he has nothing but love in his heart, but heres hoping this is a learning opportunity for him, and this sorry is indeed the real deal.


He does have a knack for keeping himself in the spotlight, doesnt he?

Floyd Mayweather mustve gotten a little itchy during this latest hiatus. Maybe he got a little tired of hearing about Manny Pacquiao this, and the Congressman that.

A video now making the rounds shows Mayweather on the video streaming site expounding on Pacquiao, using terms that could well come off as racist, or at the very least, offensive.

TSS saw the 4:20 clip on the Huffington Post, which TSS-EM has contributed to. They got it from the site, which describes the content as Mayweather Jr. dropping racist and homophobic bombs on and around Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd starts off in fairly mellow fashion, saying that he isnt worried about any foe. He refers to Manny as Poochie-ow, and announces that hell be on vacation for about a year.

Soon as I come off vacation we going to cook that little yellow chump, we aint worried about that. He terms Pacquiao a midget.

And then he gets into uglier territory. Floyd fans will just say this is Floyd being Floyd, fanning the flames, of course.

Once I kick… the midget ass, I dont want yall to jump on my d–k. So you better get on the bandwagon right now, cause once I kick the midget ass I dont want yall jumping on my dick saying aw s–t Floyd, we know you was gonna do it. Because once I stomp the midget, Im gonna make the m——-r cook…make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice.

If the Filipino boxer went online and subbed in foods associated in stereotypical fashion with African-Americans, TSS would hold him to the same standards, for the record.

Referring to the 5-6 1/2 Pacquiao as a midget, when Mayweather only stands an inch and a half taller than Manny qualifies as subpar trashtalking, coarse but within the bounds. The reference to sushi strays into more dangerous territory in an age where people are more vigilant about not hurting other peoples feelings by spreading stereotypes.

Mayweather then moves into standard talking points, bragging about his earning power.

He goes back to the food references, promising to chop (Pacquiaos) a– up with some rice.

He then says hell cook that m——-r up with some cats and dogs, perhaps referencing the story of Pacquiaos father killing and cooking the familys dog to feed hungry mouths when Manny was a kid.

Rice with a little bbq dog, says Floyd, for effect.

He takes a jab at Pacquiao for saying he doesnt like needles, wondering why then he gets tattoos.

A Pacquiao fan asks a question, and Mayweather gets bristly. He talks about Pacquiaos three losses, two draws, and says, This is America, baby, we built on winning. Step your game up, f—-t, using a nasty slang term for homosexual.

Floyds not done. That m—–r Pacquiao cant speak no English. He never seen a contract he didnt like, the fighter said.

Mayweather mocks Pacquiao for getting only $70,000 in a deal with Nike, and brags about one of his stellar endorsement packages, with reebok, in which he got a million dollars for wearing Reebok shoes for three weeks, according to him.

Floyd finishes up his combo with an accusation that Pacquiao takes power pellets, a reference to an illegal performance aid.

I requested a comment from Team Pacquiao, and received this reply. Manny has no interest in watching this much less than commenting on it. The video speaks for itself.

I reached out to a PR firm to get ahold of Mayweather, to see if he wanted to explain, or clarify, or comment on this video, and have not heard back at time of posting, but will be happy to get Mayweathers side of the story if he so chooses.

Check it out for yourself here:


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