/Fight fans have noticed a deterioration in mini-flyweight ace Ivan Calderon in the last couple of years. Giovanni Segura did more than notice–he accelerated the process, putting Calderon down in the eighth with a load of body shots in the main event of a card held in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Saturday night. The 35-years-old Calderon, now 34-1, could not rise. The time of the win was 1:34.

The pace for the entirety was blistering, which did not favors for the Puerto Rican. The fellow southpaw Segura (age 28; from Mexico) was in predator mode the whole way through. To start the eighth, Calderon looked weak, ready to go, and Segura made sure of it with as consistent a body attack as weve seen this year. He went down, one one knee, and gestured to his left side, and waited for the ref to count ten. Segura takes the WBO 108 pound crown, to add to his WBA version.


Omri Lowther (14-1 entering; from Philly) took on Hank Lundy (18-1-1 coming in) in Montreal in the main of event of the Saturday version of Friday Night Fights on ESPN. This lightweight bout took place a month and a half after Lundy suffered his first loss, a TKO at the hands of John Molina. Lundy looked less reckless than we’d seen before. It seemed like maybe that loss humbled him some, maybe for the better. Lowther showed a long jab, and a desire to fight in the counterpunching mode. Lundy, the owner of the slightly faster hands, pushed forward in the first half of the bout. He looked pretty crisp, not overused, generally, not a given considering he’d been in hardcore training for most of the last three plus months. Nobody looked to be in really imminent danger to the end rounds, though Lowther did get staggered some to end the eighth. Who would step it up, show the judges that they wanted it more? Lundy’s left hook in the ninth was the most showy punch of the round. Lowther’s trainer Chris Johnson told him he needed a KO before the start of the tenth. The boxer did get more aggressive, but Lundy was ready for a push. They traded in the waning minute, and the final bell rang. Overall, the fight lacked passion, lacked a pleasing rhythm, sad to say, for the most part. The judges had final say: Teddy Atlas saw it 99-91, while the official ones saw it 98-92, 100-90, 100-90. I’d like to see half points given, because the fight was closer than the scores indicated.

SPEEDBAG Poor Marlon Wright. Analyst Teddy Atlas busted on him for misplaying the 2008 Lucian Bute-Librado Andrade I bout, saying that Andrade should have won the title after he knocked Bute down in the 12th. I beg to differ…check the tape. Bute was up in time. Wright, who oversaw Lowther-Lundy, was indeed slightly preoccupied, and perhaps off message when he took time to send Andrade back to the neutral corner, instead of focusing on the downed man, and keeping on his count. But Bute went down with two seconds to go, and got to his feet at 8 ½. I fear I will still be explaining this in five years; this is the sort of deal that doesn’t ever get clarified, eh?