LOS ANGELES-Ronny Rios delivered a crushing body shot for his win and San Diego?s Antonio Orozco scored a unanimous decision win on Thursday.

Fight Night at Club Nokia saw Santa Ana?s Rios extend his undefeated record with a convincing performance that ended with a knockout win by body shot against Dominican Republic?s Leivi Brea (17-9-3, 9 KOs). Orozco proves to be pretty good too.

?At first he was really strong,? said Rios (12-0, 6 KOs). ?I?ve never over confident.?

Rios used an accurate jab to cut through Brea?s southpaw defense and slowly began to attack the body. A slightly low right hand to the belt line resulted in Brea dropping to the ground in pain and the referee Cobian deducting a point from Rios in the second round.

The next two rounds saw Rios return to the body attack that forced Brea to use his legs to get out of punching range. In the fourth, Rios delivered a right hand to the body that floored Brea who complained it was another low blow. The referee signaled it was good. The fight resumed and another right hand floored Brea who again complained of an illegal blow. It was not. At 2:59 of the fourth round Brea was counted out.

Orozco (8-0, 5 KOs) looked sharp against Mexico?s iron chinned Humberto Tapia (15-15-1, 8 KOs) and for good reason. Nobody runs over the tough Mexican but Orozco was able to fire crisp left hook, left uppercut combinations that had Tapia?s head on a swivel. It was good stuff.

Each round seemed to get tougher once Tapia seemed to figure out what Orozco was attempting to do, but the San Diego fighter?s speed compensated for any adjustments from his opponent.

Neither fighter was seriously hurt though Orozco did take a good right hand in the fourth round. But the San Diego boxer was able to win every round on every judge?s score card 60-54.

East L.A.?s Armando Dorantes (8-2, 2 KOs) used a hammer of a left hand to drop San Diego?s Sergio De La Torre (11-15-3) twice in the first round. A double left hook was the final knockdown at 1:06 as Raul Caiz Sr. stopped the welterweight fight.

Santa Ana?s Sal Rios made his pro debut with a second round stoppage of Exeter?s Steve Rubalcava (0-2). Rios was relentless with his punches and seldom missed as he battered the willing Rubalcava around the ring. Though Rubalcava was never knocked down referee Jose Cobian had seen enough after a right hand knocked the mouthpiece out of the Central Californian?s mouth at 1:35 of the second round of the welterweight clash.

Jonathan Bobadilla (5-3) won a wild swinging four round lightweight contest over Juan Figueroa (6-8-1). In the last round Figueroa was delivering his second low blow but ran into Bobadilla?s head and dropped in pain. When the fight resumed a large bump emerged on Figueroa?s head about the size of a golf ball. All three judges scored it for Bobadilla 39-36 twice and 38-37.

Ghana?s Bastie Samir (4-0, 4 KOs) didn?t waste time in going for the knockout against Victorville?s Jacob Alvarez (0-2). After trying to slug it out with the stronger fighter Alvarez finally succumbed to a barrage of punches capped by a strong right hand at 2:37 of the first round of a super middleweight fight.


Maywood?s Sergio Nunez used his reach and combinations to offset the left hook of Commerce?s Joaquin Chavez in a junior welterweight fight and win by decision.

Pasadena?s Osman Rivera connected twice with left hooks against Hollywood?s Devo Donaldson forcing the referee to call for eight counts on both occasions. The bout was stopped in Rivera?s favor in the second round.