Oscar De La Hoya went into lobbying mode in the last few days, calling for Manny Pacquiao to give Juan Manuel Marquez, a Golden Boy fighter, a third crack.

A majority of fans in TSS Universe that reacted to a Thursday Should Manny fight JMM a third time? piece on TSS didnt share Oscars enthusiasm for Pacman-JMM III, with most bringing up the point that Pacquiao has proved himself at welterweight, while Marquez has not, and wouldnt be able to hang and bang at 147. They point to JMMs poor showing against Floyd Mayweather in the welterweight realm (Marquez weighed 142, Floyd 146 in their Sept. 2009 bout) as proof that Manny is too strong, and the men are too far apart, weight wise, to make a third scrap plausible.

Freddie Roach does not agree. The California based trainer told TSS that hed love to see Pacquiao-Marquez III, that a compromise in the weight department could be reached, and that if Antonio Margaritos licensing issue isnt hashed out pretty soon, hed push hard for a third showdown.

I dont care about the weight, if Marquez feels he can fight and beat Manny, I think that fight sells, does the most business, Roach told me. Manny can still make 140, we could fight at a catchweight. Aside from Margarito and Marquez, were limited in options. Some guys are world class, but not yet popular. Besides a Floyd fight, a third fight with Marquez is the best one out there.

Roach has made it clear to Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum that hes keen on seeing Pacquiao smack down Marquez and his trainer Nacho Beristain, who have been vocal about their desire to get into the win column against Manny, after getting a draw and a disputed loss against the Congressman.

Roach was asked if Pacquiao advisor Michael Koncz was down with a third Marquez fight, or not, and he threw a stiff hook at the Canadian. I dont speak about him about that stuff, because he has no knowledge of boxing, Freddie said.

Arum, Freddie said, is open to Manny-JMM III.

Id like to see a third fight, cause Id like to shut Marquez up, Roach said.

The It trainer of today also said he hasnt given up hope that Floyd Mayweather will quit dithering, and accept the Pacquiao challenge.

I think it will happen, next year, Roach said. I hope as soon as possible. The latest I heard is that Don King might get with Floyd, and Don makes things happen.

And why, Roach was asked, hasnt Floyd grabbed ahold of the chance to shut up those who say Mannys the man, Pound for Pound, in the game?

Hes afraid to get a loss on his record. If he doesnt lose, he can say for the rest of his life hes the best of all time. With one loss, he cant argue that.

So, is Floyd worried about the legal situation involving his trainer/uncle Roger Mayweather, accused of assaulting a female fighter who hed trained?

He doesnt care about his uncle, Roach said. Floyd runs the show. During Dancing With the Stars, I let him use the gym, he tells everyone what to do.

Roach doesnt have a philosophical or ethical problem with Margarito, now trying to get the okay to fight in Texas, getting a chance to ply his trade, after being busted for attempting to use hardened hand wraps before his 2009 fight with Shane Mosley. Margarito said that his now former trainer Javier Capetillo is solely responsible for the incident, that he was unaware of anything shady going on. Roach doesnt buy the explanation, and neither did the California commission, which ruled 5-1 against allowing the Mexican to get a license to fight, saying he hasnt shown proper contrition for the offense.

I find it hard to believe Margarito didnt know, the trainer said. As a fighter, I was very aware of the hand wrapping process.

Roach wonders if Margarito had previously used an illegal aid to his punching power. Ive had people tell me he has great punching power, and others telling me he hits like a girl, Roach said.

TSS U, you heard Freddies take. Coach Roach wants Manny-JMM III? You still dont think the weight disparity can be solved? We always hear that JMM has Mannys number, shouldnt we get another fight, so that perhaps we can decide, conclusively, if that is true? Weigh in!


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