With the possibility that the Nov. 13 Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito fight is imperiled because Margarito was turned down Wednesday in his bid to be re-licensed by the California commission, rumors are rampant that Margarito, who hasnt signed a final contract to meet Manny, might get tossed overboard, while he gets his license situation in order.

If Margarito doesnt get the final go ahead, with the fight taking place in Mexico, Abu Dhabi or some other location, who then should glove up with the Congressman?

Golden Boy promotions Oscar De La Hoya is offering a replacement substitute, one well known to Pacquiao: Juan Manuel Marquez. The Golden Boy made his case for Pacquiao-Marquez III.

Now that California didnt grant Margarito his license, I want to make a case for Marquez. He has a license & is ready to fight! Oscar said. The 1st Marquez-Pacquiao fight (May 2004, Marquez down three times in first) was a draw, the 2nd fight (March 2008, a split decision win for Manny) was highly disputed. Now we have to see the 3rd fight the public deserves… it.

I’m making a strong case for Marquez-Pacquiao 3 for the FANS. Bob Arum, lets make this fight!??Marquez wants to fight in Nov/Dec so it works perfect…There is plan B, but Plan A is to fight Pacquiao.

Fans, Oscar makes mucho sense–to fans. But Bob Arum likes to keep all his ducks in a row, and have Manny meet other Top Rank boxers. Is this the fight that should get made? Weigh in!

News flash: Rafael Marquez has suffered a hand injury, and will be unable to fight Juan Manuel Lopez on. Fans, weigh in, and let JuanMas promoter Bob Arum know who you think should step in on Sept. 18.