Notes From Tomasz Adamek Training Camp 8/3/10 World Boxing and Fitness Center, Jersey City, NJ

Tomasz Adamek vs. Michael Grant IBF International Heavyweight andNABO Heavyweight Championship August 21, 2010

Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

TomaszTomasz Adamek –I am ready to fight! We are training hard 9 weeks, this week is 10. I am ready for a great fight, atough fight.

About training with Roger Bloodworth: Every day I am a little better. He is a good teacher. I want to be heavyweight champion with him. He is teaching me more movement. More US style boxing. I am happy. Im learning now, Im preparing.

The style in Europe is more straight. Small movements. United States style is maybe more difficult and because of the movement its difficult to catch someone. Its good for me because I can fight longer than a European fighter. I am strong.

About rumors that David Haye turned down a 50/50 fight with Klitschko: You know, ifIm proposed 50/50,I might sign a contract today!

I love tough fights because people remember them for a long time. I want to be champion and I would like to fight great fights.

When people watch you on August 21st what can fans expect?: You know, I win! Im a warrior. Im going to win this fight and next fight, and next fight… Im going to be champion. Its my dream. Ive been two times champion, my dream is to be champion in three categories. First guy to do it.

Roger Bloodworth – The difference between Toamsz Adamek now and Tomasz Adamek when he was training for Arreola is that he is in an environment where he is completely happy. Its relaxing, its family, its hard training – tough boxing, its growth. Bloodworth added, He loves his family, so I think hes a lot happier here. Basically its everything he holds dear. When you add in all that he is learning and absorbing in camp, well thats a package thats hard to beat. That says a lot for a boxers frame of mind. Hes relaxed, confident; sure hes going to win. There is no fear in Tomasz. I like what I see. Hes confident that he is going to win. I believe it!

I think his technique is a lot better in this camp. Weve had a little more time together so I think his technique has improved a lot. Hes a terrific student. I think you have to grow into being a heavyweight and I think hes adjusted very well.

How do I see the fight going? I think it depends on what Grant brings to the fight. He can come in one of a couple ways. He can come in trying to move; he can come in trying to run over him; or he can just stand in the middle and try to pick him off. So one of those three scenarios will be played out on the 21st, and we have thoroughly prepared for each one of them. Were preparing for everything because you never know. I mean you can watch films of a guy, and of course I havent seen any recent films of the guy, but anything can happen. Hes a big guy, hes a formidable opponent. Hes got a long reach, a good jab and a good right hand. Plus I know this fight means a lot to him so I expect him to be in great shape. Thats what we have prepared Tomasz for. Thats what Tomasz IS ready for. I expect a great fight.

Right now, we have been sparring about 6 rounds per session each time we spar. Were working with sparring partners that are both very much the stature of Grant. Size will not be a problem for Tomasz.

Tomasz Adamek Shadow Boxing


Tomasz Adamek:

Are you concerned about facing Grant the tallest fighter you have ever faced?: My sparring partners are tall too. I dont feel a problem. With these guys I feel good in the ring. For me size is not a problem. Speed is power. Just like with Arreola and Andrew Golota. Its the same. I am quick, that is my advantage. Good left hand and every time I train I am stronger. Ill win this fight.