Top Rank and Antonio Margarito?s attempt to get licensed by Nevada State Athletic Commission has been unsuccessful on Friday.

?We?re kicking the can back to California,? said Pat Lundell, the chairperson for NSAC.

The Commission tabled the request by Margarito to obtain a license, it was not denied. Had the Commission voted to deny Margarito?s request, he would not be able to get a license in that state for one year.

?It?s disappointing,? said Sergio Diaz, co-manager of Margarito. ?We?re going to brainstorm with the attorneys and Top Rank to look at our options.?

Now the Top Rank fighter must go to California to seek reinstatement or go to Mexico or Europe if he wants to fight this year.

Margarito was suspended for one year by California State Athletic Commission after he was found to have illegal hand wraps before a fight against Shane Mosley on January 2009. His trainer Javier Capetillo, who wrapped Margarito?s hands during that fight, was also suspended.

Top Rank and Margarito appealed the decision by CSAC and the issue is now at the California Court of Appeals. Though Margarito could have requested reinstatement before the California Commission he opted to go in another direction. That other direction was NSAC and they washed their hands of the decision.