WBC light heavyweight champion Jean Pascal weighed 174.1 and challenger Bernard Hopkins was 174.6 ahead of their Saturday night clash on Quebec, which will air on Showtime. Pascal irked Hopkins, maybe playing a bit of the BHop mind effin game, when he blew Hopkins a kiss. Hopkins reacted angrily.

Pascal has been learning from the ace trash talker. He reminded Hopkins of his lack of pop when he said, “Hopkins’ last knockout was in 2004…and that was against his boss (Oscar De La Hoya).” He also said: “Pressure… My mom never taught me that word. The word she taught me was motivation. Bernard is just a man. He has two arms, two legs. He is not a martian. And even if he was, I could beat a martian because I am the best in the Universe.”

BHop weighed in as well:  “Football might be more dangerous than boxing. They gotta fight 10-11 guys instead of 1… But there is no time out in boxing.

And he also referenced his beef with HBO, who he thinks tried to force him from the game before he was ready, when he said: “I’m in the Showtime business today and will be in the Showtime business after Saturday night.”

FLOYD ARRESTED, RELEASED Las Vegas police arrested  Floyd Mayweather Jr. late Thursday, in a casino. The pop stems from misdemeanor battery warrant; Floyd got into a tussle, over parking tix,  on Nov. 15, with a security guard who works in the gated community where he lives.

Mayweather was released Friday morning and looked to be in fine spirits in his mug shot. A TMZ staffer asked him, “Is it bad luck…or bad decisions?” The boxer answered, “This is life, baby, it’s life,” before climbing into a chauffeured Rolls.

Mayweather is awaiting a Jan. 24 court date in Clark County, Nev., for allegedly striking the mother of his three children, and threatening his kids, who were present at the time of the altercation. He faces 34 years in the pokey if convicted.


-donputo69 :

Atleast this fight is on showtime...I have pascal by SD...holla back!!!

-Smoke :

Getting used to this new format. What gives? A merger? Hopkins wins by UD due to getting inside Pascal's head.