White Collar Brawler Today On Web TV

WhiteCollarBrawlerNateandKaiOne thing I abhor is when a boxing promoter pumps up a pro debut fight of some collegiate football player and matches him with an easy opponent. It’s not indicative of the sport of boxing.

Boxing is extremely difficult.

A pair of Ivy League graduates, Nate Houghteling and Kai Hasson, aim to prove that point and more when they meet on Friday in Berkeley at Westwind Boxing Gym and show off the skills they’ve accumulated along the way by some notable professional trainers, boxers and conditioning coaches.

The White Collar Brawler fight will be streamed live on the Internet at twenty dollars a pop. It begins at 7 p.m.

Just recently one of the 26-year-old combatants added brunette bombshell Ana Julaton to his corner and that might be the edge Houghteling needs to beat his foe and friend Hasson.

If you don’t know Julaton she is more than a pretty face. She has two world title belts tucked away as proof of her expertise in the art of boxing. The Daly City prizefighter is a force in the world of female boxing and now she’s sharing her secrets.

“Nate is the fighter I will be working with on Friday. So far he’s been doing very well. He’s a great students and open to try new things,” said Julaton by telephone. “I feel lucky he has that desire to learn. It’s been a blast.”

It’s all fun and games for the Ivy Leaguers but one thing they both have learned quickly is that absorbing punches is part of the sport and to survive taking more blows than necessary you better learn more than the other guy.

“I didn’t know how I was going to respond to getting punched in the face. Taking the first few punches I realized it wasn’t the end of the world,” said Houghteling, who graduated from Harvard University. “If you kept on attacking you get even stronger.”

Hasson is a graduate of Yale. Even their universities are rivals. But both friendly foes emanate from a world of creating web shows. Just recently Houghteling left Angelo Moreno’s gym to train with Team Julaton. Moreno, though merely training Hasson, takes the challenge seriously now and wants a win for his gym.

It’s kind of like one of those old kung fu movies where one dojo challenges another for respect. Houghteling trains at Julaton’s gym.

Working a daily grind even if it’s a cushy white collar job can be an arduous and uninspiring task. These guys developed the idea of White Collar Brawler that has sprung into a video cast that draws millions of viewers including mixed martial arts giant BJ Penn.

“It doesn’t matter who wins or loses,” says Penn, whose MMA battles in Ultimate Fighting Championship are legendary.

Both rivals have trained for weeks perfecting their boxing skills from the basic stance to the combinations and foot movements.

“If anyone wants to become a boxer it’s being able to control themselves. In boxing you can make only so many mistakes,” said Julaton who had Houghteling doing double sessions. “I want Nate to be comfortable with the jab he has and the footwork he has. He can’t get there unless he’s able to relax his mind.”

Angelo Reyes, who is part of Team Julaton, predicts an easy victory for Houghteling. His remarks on video have pumped up rival Hasson and his supporters. The war of words has begun with each predicting mass destruction.

Still, the final test will be when they actually step in the ring and trade punches with each other. Who will get the “A” and who will get the lesser grade?

The school of hard knocks will decide.

Go to www.whitecollarbrawler.com to watch the fight live.