EVIL VIC GOES CLASSY: “Congrats To Abner”

DarchDear Fight Fans,

It was very disappointing for me to lose the fight against a good young fighter like Abner Mares. Congratulations to Abner, he is a tough kid who fought a great fight. Even after winning seven world titles I have learned something valuable and that is not to leave the decision in the hands of judges. The only negative thing I have to say about this fight is that we should be talking about what a great war Abner and I had, and not talking about the way the fight was over-refereed. I have never had a point taken off me in all my fights and I am sure Abner hasn’t ever had a point taken from him. Let us fight. We go into the ring and we fight for our lives. We should have been allowed to fight our natural fights. Instead both of us were always being told to do this and that. I think the referee started to confuse himself in addition to confusing us.

It is hard to have a split decision loss when I thought I won. But now looking back at it, some people thought Abner won, some people thought I won, and a lot of people thought it was a draw. All I know is that I fought a great fighter who fought a great fight and I fought a great fight. That’s what happens when everyone you speak to says it was a war in the ring and a great fight and everyone has a different opinion on who won. I am angry that I lost but I am not angry at Abner Mares. Abner was respectful to me from start to finish. I am just angry that I allowed the fight to get to stage where it was so close.

We had a great fight and I hope in the near future we can fight again. It was good to fight Abner. I think Abner is a lot like me — risking everything for our fans. Our fans wouldn’t want to see us fighting bums like other fighters do. We didn’t have to fight each other and the same goes for King Kong Agbeko and Yonnhy Perez.  We are here for our fans and without them we would be nowhere.

I can’t wait to fight Perez, I know it’s going to be a war and I know I won’t make the same mistake again and leave my fate in the hands of the judges. I will make sure to go out and finish the job I started.


Vic Darchinyan