Eddie Mustafa Muhammad Rounds Out Zab Judah’s Training Team

Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, a former two-time New York City Golden Gloves champion, and the WBA light heavyweight champion 1980-81, has joined Zab “Super Judah’s training team. Judah (38-6, 26 KO’s), the former world light welterweight and undisputed welterweight champion, is in Las Vegas preparing for his July 16 battle with Jose Armando Santa Cruz of Michoacán, Mexico (28-4, 17 KO’s).

Zab’s father and trainer, Yoel Judah asked Muhammad to join their team. “I brought Eddie in. I know boxing backwards and forwards, but you know after all these years sometimes I can tell him (Zab) all day long what to do and it just doesn’t stick. With Eddie there’s new energy. Yoel added, “We know that after the 16th the big fights are going to start rolling in, we’ll be ready.

Muhammad shared his thoughts about training with Zab. “Yoel asked me to come on board. We go way back, grew up together in Brooklyn. They needed a new voice. He described their training regimen, “We train every day except Sunday. During the week we work on boxing. I do pads with him. We box, hit the speed bag and heavy bag. Saturdays we hit Mt. Charleston at 6am. That’s 5 miles of uphill running! It’s tough work. “We’re working on head movement, hard shots to the body, finishing up on top.

“I’ve worked with Zab before. I see a difference in him now. A good difference. How is he different? “Well, I think when you hit a wall in life you take a half step back and evaluate. Where did I go wrong? How can I use it to make myself better? I think Zab’s been there. He’s more humble now and I think it helps everyone to be more humble. He’s able to listen better. Mentally I see a lot more dedication, focus. Physically he is incredibly fit and strong, 40 won’t be a problem. He’s throwing more combos. He’s putting speed and power together. There’s a new determination. I think you’ll see that on the 16th.

Zab, who can always be counted on to give a colorful commentary, decided to share some poetry to describe his training:

This is the story of Zab Judah,

The greatest fighter boxing will ever see.
He talks a good one

Jabs and stabs sometimes brags

Quick wit the jab and a left you dont see.

If he hits you once, night night you will see…

The fight, promoted by Main Events and Super Judah Promotions, will take place July 16 at Prudential Center, Newark, NJ and will be broadcasted live on ESPN2.

Tickets priced at $53, $78, $103 and $203 (ringside) can be purchased at Prudential Center Box Office, by calling TicketMaster at 800-745-3000 or www.Prucenter.com.


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