More than just styles make fights.

Often its the natural ability, or physical attributes gained throughpractice or bestowed by fateupon the individual contestants. Sometimes heart, other times brains enter the equation.

Personality and character also often come into pounding play.

Sometimes its a matter of reach, as in out of, like it was for Albert Sosnowski against Vitali Klitschko. It took a little while, but Vitali looked fresh as a Deutschland daisy after pounding out a relatively simple 10th round TKO.

In regard to the Klitschko brothers, natural size and developed strength have led to a pattern of one sided contests that has lasted many moons. Despite consistent criticism or being ignored by major US audiences,in recent months it looked like thebrothers K were finally managing to spark some serious interest in the lackluster heavyweight division. As David Hayebecamemore and more popularitseemed that a long awaited, major big boy brawl might actually come to fistic fruition.

Either Klitschkowas ready. Nobody else seems to be.

Vitali is heavier than me and older than me so hes got an influence to affect his younger brother. Of course we may have to have our own fight to see who gets to fight Haye, joked Wladimir after completely controling Eddie Chambers. Geting Haye into the ring is very hard. The fight itself will be the easiest part.

The Klitschkos have proved they are ready to fight anyone, immediately or sooner.

After repeated call outs, Haye got very quiet. Disappeared.

There is another crucial component to making professional fights. It involves signing a contract.

Now it appears more likelyHaye will meet Nikolai Valuev in a rematch of their dreadful waltz. The hissing has started already.

You cant blame the Klitschkos, who have pretty much cleaned out the division. As their own negotiations with Valuv continued to fizzle out, it seems like
the heavyweight ranks haveslogged back into duking doldrums.

Like the fans, Emanual Steward is frustrated.

I dont think Haye or Alexander Povetkin is going to fight either one of the Klitschkos, said Stewart. What David Haye is probably going to do is go find some more cartoons to cut pictures out and copy and buy some more t-shirts and paint pictures on them. Povetkin ran away once, hes not gonna fight. I dont think well see either of those fights. I dont think any argument over who fights Haye is worth the time. Haye isnt going to do anything but talk. He became very famous by showing up at press conferences, talked a lot, got his name out in the papers, made t-shirts with him holding the heads, then when it came time to fight he ran away. Nothings going to change.

Stewart is probably trying to goad Haye into fighting his charge while Wladimir is still in top form, but what he said rang true.

Haye will continue to fight the John Ruiz types and maybe David Tua or whatever, but hes not gonna fight a Klitschko so I think its a waste of time to talk about it. Povetkin is still going to feel like hes not ready, even though hesthe number one contender. Hes trying to win a championship without having to fight a Klitschko.

Maybe Haye and Povetkin will fight some day.


Valuev might not make a great fight, but he definitely would help sell outa soccer stadium with over 50,000 fans. Povetkin would probably make a better fight, but hes not near as big an attraction in the Klitschkos German area fan base.

Haye would sell out the big stadiums at twice the admission price of the aforementioned against either K brother. Haye would also have a shot at taking the real title. Still, just as Haye was proven wise to go after Valuev instead of a Klitschko,theres much to be said for holding off until either Klitschko shows a significant sign of decline.

The question ofwhether or not the Klitschkos are worthy title holders is really based on whether or not there are anytrue challengers. The immediate horizon is not so gleaming.

If neither Klitschko meets Haye it wont be as big a shame as if Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fail to engage, but it will still be a major disappointment.

Meanwhile, K2 seems to have developed a new marketing strategy.

Vitalis recent stoppage of game but ineffectiveSosnowski was somewhat less of a sensation than his younger brothers fight last June in the same Veltins Arena with Ruslan Chagaev as the foe.

Still, it was a major boxing event, with a crowd of around 50,000. There were onlyfour fights scheduled for the six hour gala, with more singers and comedians than boxers on the bill. The hugeswarm was happy with the overall presentation and the main event stood on its own. Crappy undercard bouts arent necessarily better than no fights at all.

It was reported that 38 year old Vitali was very close to retiring, but after news that K2 renewed abroadcast contract for two more yearsand five more fights it looks like both Klitschkos will continue to box into the middle of this decade. It figures the brothers will split the new work load, though lately there hasnt been much heavy lifting required. Between them, the brothers have onlylost a few rounds, if that, in years.

How many more years before we see a good heavyweight title fight?

If only all that prefight squawking by challengers about style was enough to make for some classic conks.