There will be a 10 count in memory of John Duddys uncle Jack during Top Ranks Latin Fury 15 on June 26 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

Its the right thing to do, said Bob Arum. This has been such a heart-breaking ordeal for John and the Irish people.

Duddy, who takes on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, said his uncle was killed by British soldiers while in a civil rights march in Derry, Ireland in 1972. A tribunal report released this week announced that all Irish citizens killed while in the march were unarmed and that the British Parachute Regiment had lost control, firing weapons without warning. It has been described for years as Bloody Sunday.

Uncle Jack Duddy was killed by a single bullet to the chest. Witnesses said he was unarmed and was not engaging with the soldiers when he was shot.

His name was John, but everyone called him Jackie, Duddy told IrishCentral.com. His full name was John Francis and I was named John Francis after him. He was a boxer too. Jackie was 17 and he was my fathers idol while growing up. My father was 12 when he was killed.

Uncle Jack is one of the main reasons I became a boxer, John said.

Duddy added ….Bloody Sunday was something that was never spoken about while I was growing up. Its great to see justice.


Duddy, training for weeks in New York, will battle the Son of the Legend – Julio Cesar Chavez Jr of Culiacan, Mexico – in the main event of Top Ranks Latin Fury 15 at the Alamodome. Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera of Mexico City will take on Adilton DeJesus of Brazil just before Chavez Jr and Duddy get into the ring.