Strikeforce mixed martial arts stars Meisha Tate and Frank Shamrock are combining their expertise to produce a rape prevention video.

Who better than MMA fighters to show females what to do?

The video is called “Fighting For Your Life” and was the brainchild of Tate and her team after encountering a rape female victim. Tate’s Take Down Enterprises is helping put the rape prevention video together and make it available for the public in DVD form soon.

“I came across a gal who told me: ‘I’m a former rape victim’ and we came up with it. We want to take it as a learning experience and through this sport show what a woman can do,” said Tate by telephone. “Were going to be interviewing some three high profile rape victims and how they successfully survived. We’re also going to interview some high profile rapists. I thought it was important understanding how they think, why they picked that person and why those strategies. Most good people don’t understand that, that level of thinking.”

Tate and Shamrock meshed ideas and tactics that could be usable for any woman confronted with a possible situation. Not everything works and other considerations have to be taken such as normal non fighting females.

“Some things I trialed and errored… We tried to put it all together to do women’s self defense. We really talked about a lot of topics,” said Tate an MMA fighter at 135 pounds. “Most women’s self defense courses they teach to do this move or do that move. I guess that’s fine but what if the guy is too big. How can we get inside their head to get a mental strategy?”

With Shamrock’s help a number of strategies and other thoughts were meshed together.

“I had to change my mentality. If I’m just some woman on the street I have to be prepared to go against somebody that literally wants to kill me. We have to teach women it’s ok to have that mentality. That’s why we named it ‘Fighting For Your Life.’ Frank (Shamrock) actually came up with that title. Most videos are not useful,” Tate said. “It has mostly to do to be honest. When you’re in a situation when you’re literally fighting for your life, if you’re thinking too much you’ll find yourself freezing too much and you want to react. It’s very kind of brutal. The reality is more than likely he’ll be bigger and stronger and have very bad intentions. Women have to do whatever they can to inflict pain.”

One thing that Tate can’t emphasized enough is that women pay attention. In this world of cell phone overuse where girls are preoccupied with looking at their texts and various web surfing while walking on the streets, they’re putting themselves in a precarious position. Basically they’re walking targets.

“At all cost we’re trying to avoid being victims. Be aware of your surroundings. It’s kind of shocking for women. They don’t fully understand how terrible it really is. Hopefully women will think wow! I should keep my keys in my hand when walking in a parking lot at night,” Tate said.

Strikeforce in L.A.

A Strikeforce fight card takes place Wednesday June 16 at Nokia Theater in Los Angeles featuring Rob Lawler (17-5) against Renato “Babalu” Sobral (35-8) in a catch weight fight.

“It’s going to be in my backyard so its going to bring a lot of fans in,” predicts Sobral.

Showtime will also televise the event.