Floyd Mayweather is taking a one or two year break from boxing and thus will not be fighting Manny Pacquiao anytime soon, if at all. Floyds hiatus announcement was reported on Philboxing.

Fight fans will wonder if hes dodging Manny and how he can lay claim to being the greatest of all time if he is not eager to meet Pacquio. If his heart is not in the sport then of course he is within his bounds to take another lengthy break. But he will not do his legacy any favors if indeed his announcement is the real deal.

Update: As of 6:30 pm, we are hearing that Top Rank is not taking Mayweathers hiatus statement seriously. Until it is communicated to them officially, spokesman Lee Samuels said Bob Arum will not be responding to the possibility that Mayweather is going on break.
Update 2: Now the video has been scrubbed from YouTube. Whats the deal here?

SPEEDBAG Man, I hate self righteous media types who portray themselves as the ultimate in squeeky clean, this paragon of virtue, when they work in a climate that is so screamingly rife with conflict of interest. Some of these guys cant keep it real…Are they ignorant? Deluded? They cant even concede that sportwriters, and really all media covering a beat, have to wrestle with balancing relationships, and access and sources? Maddening. Cant name a name here but one guy in particular burns my biscuit.