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I dont have to read George Kimballs newest book to know its good.

Thats because I know George.

I know his journalistic standards are rigorous; I know that his passion for the sport is immense; and I know, from being his editor the past couple of years, that he doesnt put his name on crap.

The Fighter Still Remains is the name of the book, out now, done in concert with co-editor John Schulian. The work is subtitled A Celebration of Boxing in Poetry and Song from Ali to Zevon, and my heart did a little happy somersault when I saw the name Zevon on the cover page. Chalk that reference up as another reason to know that this compilation of poems, song lyrics, and brief excerpts from novels by A grade talent, is a must-add to your fight library, even before you sample any of the text.

If you need another reason to go to a bookseller, or click onto Amazon, know that all profits from the book will go to the Berto Dynasty Foundation, benefiting Project Medishare for Haitian Earthquake Relief.

Being the impatient type, when I laid my hands on the book, I skipped to page 59, which contains the lyrics to the 1987 Warren Zevon composition, Boom Boom Mancini. The ode to the eternal pride of Youngstown, the ex lightweight titlist whose whirlwind style guaranteed crowd-pleasing action in his span as a pro (1979-1992), was a Zevon fave for me, and its presence in a setlist would insure overzealous glee on my part when I saw Mr Bad Example live. Hurry home early –– hurry on home, Boom Boom Mancini’s fighting Bobby Chacon Hurry home early – hurry on home Boom Boom Mancini’s fighting Bobby Chacon, Zevon wrote, and sang in his charmingly unpolished manner.

The book has something to please any sort of reader, be they connoisseur or someone looking for a pleasant adjunct during a lavatory visit.

As blues legend Taj Mahal put it in the books foreword: You have folks coming at you from every possible direction –– from poetry and song, from fiction and memoirs –– and they are tied together by their love of the sport. The rhythm of the ring, of a great fighter dancing and moving, has been transferred to the printed page. And, people, you are in for a treat.

While we are at it, feel free to track down, if you havent already, Kimballs beyond-thorough FOUR KINGS: Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran and the Last Great Era of Boxing. And to whet your appetite–Kimball and Schulian are coming out with At the Fights next March.

Let em read their Danielle Steele or whatever on the beach; Ill go with The Fighter Still Remains and FOUR KINGS.

Note: You can click here to order The Fighter Still Remains: www.amazon.com/Fighter-Still-Remains-George-Kimball/dp/0979994756/ref=sr_1_1